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University of California APMP
San Joaquín, Stanislaus & Merced Counties

US Ag Management Links

UC Division of Agriculture & Natural Resrouces Communication Services Labor Publications

Practical, research-based publications from University of California advisors, specialists, and faculty provide valuable information for growers and producers. Free catalog of publications available, including farm management and labor management. Free on-line publications are also available. Other resources cover a large number of topics from commercial crop and livetock production to home gardening, and pest management.

Agencies and Agriculture 2007

Here is a list of agencies that farm employers (and their employees) may need to deal with from time to time. This is the 2007, or 6th Edition. While this publication will be most useful to farm employers in San Joaquín, Stanislaus and Merced counties, there will be sections of the publication thay may be useful to other California employers. Many local, state, and federal agencies are listed.

AGRICOLA card catalog

Data base of agricultural publications, including books and articles, encompassing all aspects of agriculture and allied disciplines, including agricultural economics.

Kansas State University

Ag Manager Info: information on human resources, agribusiness, crops, energy prices, farm management, agricultural economics and much more.

The University of Vermont--Agricultural Labor Management

Multiple articles and links on the subject of Agricultural Labor Management.

Ohio State University ManagementExcel

ManagementExcel is the name for Ohio State University Extension's programs that focus on teaching business management principles. ManagementExcel focuses on the five functions of management (planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling).

Michigan State University Agribusiness Management

This website offers a number of resources for personnel management in agriculture to extension, consultants, agricultural employers, employees and academia. The purpose of the website is to serve the people in Michigan and anyone interested in human resources management.

Ohio State University--Human Resource Management

Bernie Erven, from Ohio State University, on various topics, such as recruiting, training, motivating, and improving communications with farm personnel.

University of Illinois

Farmdoc: information on agricultural finance, marketing, law and taxation and much more.

Cornell ProDairy

Farm managers learn to recognize the difference between the external and internal environment affecting their business. Through Pro-Dairy they learn to focus management time on the internal environment, or day to day events on the farm, where it can have maximum impact.

CAPS--Arizona State University East

The Center for Agribusiness Policy Studies is a leader in the area of Ag mediation. Farmers who have disputes with government agencies or others can come to a quicker, less expensive, and more productive resolution than with the traditional lawsuit.

Pennsylvania Dairy Alliance

Includes job descriptions generator and many other useful and interesting pages.

West Virginia University Ag Labor Relations

Agricultural labor relations and farm labor issues. Resolution of employment-related disputes between farm workers and West Virginia agricultural employers.

University of Minnesota: Farm Personnel Management

Farm personnel management resources: farm labor law and regulations, hiring guide, and more.

HR Guide

A comprehensive Website with interviewing tips, information on selection test construction, over 2000 interview questions, data related to joby analysis, compensation and other HR issues.

Farm Employers Labor Service (FELS)

FELS is a personnel management and labor relations organization within the California Farm Bureau Federation.

USDA Rural Housing Service

Among other things, the purpose of this site is to enable farmers, public or private nonprofit organizations, and units of State and local governments to build, buy, or repair farm labor housing in either dormitory or multifamily apartment style.

UC Housing Project

Seasonal farm worker housing that is affordable, durable, attractive, and near the job site. Plans included.

AgNIC Agriculture Network Information Center

Network provides access to agriculture-related information, subject area experts, and other resources. It was established by an alliance of the National Agricultural Library, land-grant universities, and other organizations committed to facilitating public access to agricultural and related life sciences information.

UC Davis--Rural Migration News

Rural Migration News summarizes the most important immigration and integration developments affecting rural America during the preceding quarter. Read analysis as well as articles on migration, and labor issues.

Center for Dairy Profitability

The University of Wisconsin Center for Dairy Profitability develops,coordinates and conducts effective interdisciplinary educational and applied research programs, emphasizing business management, human resource management, production systems, finance and marketing systems that enhance dairy profitability.

Employment Center & Job Descriptions

List job openings, search for jobs or job descriptions. Also has a link to US Government Superintendent of Documents.

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Agricultural Labor Management


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