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Rights & Responsibilities
under the ALRA

The Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) has produced a free videotape entitled: "Rights & Responsibilities under the ALRA" (Agricultural Labor Relations Act). The Act regulates agricultural union activity in California. The video can be an effective training tool for both your management and foreman team, if combined with a follow-up discussion. The video is 17 1/2 minutes long.

Anyone interested in the videotape may request either an English or a Spanish version (or one of each). To do so write:

Agricultural Labor Relations Board
c/o Paula (ALRA Rights /Responsibilites Video)
915 Capitol Mall, 3rd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Although the ALRB would prefer written requests for the tape, they will also accept them over the phone: (916) 653-3741

If you have any additional questions about this video or about the ALRA, please contact the Executive Secretary's office, J. Antonio Barbosa, at (916) 653-3741, Extension 3200. The ALR Board is available to meet with the public.

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Agricultural Labor Management


Gregorio Billikopf Encina
University of California
(209) 525-6800

15 November 2004