College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Academic Probation and Withdrawal

Cancelling Registration

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You must cancel your registration before the first day of instruction begins in any given semester. You may cancel your registration via Tele-BEARS, BearFacts, or by going to the Office of the Registrar. There are no fees involved in cancelling your registration. However, if you plan to register in the future, you will be required to complete and submit an “Undergraduate Application for Readmission” with the appropriate fees.

New incoming students should come to the Office of Instruction and Student Affairs if they are considering cancelling their registration. To do otherwise may preclude re-applying to the university.


If you are already enrolled in classes, you will need to withdraw, rather than cancel, your registration. If you decide to withdraw and have paid one third of your registration fees, you must meet with the College Advisor in the Office of Instruction and Student Affairs. We may be able to provide you with valuable information and advice regarding your withdrawal. Please be aware that your withdrawal may impact your future readmission. Anytime you do not attend for a semester, unless you are part of the university’s Education Abroad Program, you will be required to complete an “Undergraduate Application for Readmission.”

You may withdraw from the university any time after the first day of instruction. However, withdrawing sooner in the semester, if that is the course of action you must take, puts you in a better position to receive your fee adjustments. See the online Schedule of Classes, the General Catalog, or go to the website for Office of the Registrar for information.


If you want to withdraw for medical reasons, you must consult with University Health Services in the Tang Center. We will be glad to work with you and the UHS to help with your medical withdrawal and future readmission. For more information, go to the UHS website.


If you want to withdraw for personal reasons (e.g., financial difficulty, family crisis) and are not on academic probation, your application for readmission will be approved by the college. However, the Residency Evaluation unit in the Office of the Registrar reserves the right to revoke your re-admission if they assess that your residency has been jeopardized.

Academic Probation

You will be placed on academic probation if your cumulative UC Berkeley GPA falls below 2.0. Should this happen, you must bring your cumulative GPA up to 2.0 within the following two semesters. If you increase your grade point deficit in the first semester after going on academic probation, you could be subject to dismissal. You may also be placed on academic probation if your semester GPA falls below 2.0. In such a case, you must bring your semester GPA and cumulative GPA up to 2.0 within one semester, or be subject to dismissal. If you fear you may go on academic probation, meet with your undergraduate staff advisor immediately to determine a plan for avoiding such a condition, and also devise a plan for what you will do in case you do go on academic probation.


It is strongly recommended that you first contact a college advisor before cancelling or withdrawing from the University.

If you have cancelled your registration, withdrawn from the university, or failed to enroll for the next semester, you must apply for readmission to continue your course work at UC Berkeley. The deadlines to apply for readmission are June 1 for the following fall semester, and November 1 for the following spring semester.

To be considered for readmission, you should consult with the Office of Instruction and Student Affairs before you apply 1) contact the advisor of the major you are interested in to go over your academic course plan 2) complete an Application for Readmission from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

You will also be required to complete a Statement of Legal Residence . Submit the application with its fees to the Office of Instruction and Student Affairs (for quicker processing) or you can send directly to Undergraduate Admissions. Your application will then be reviewed by CNR. If approved, you will be readmitted and may begin classes in the semester to which you applied for admission.

You will also need to provide a statement on your academic interests and how you believe you have prepared yourself to be successful at Berkeley. Providing additional information is extremely important for students who withdrew or were dismissed because of academic reasons. Submitting an official transcript of any courses taken since your exit to Berkeley should also be included.


Dismissal occurs when you are no longer in good academic standing (when your academic performance fails to meet the required GPA of 2.0) for two semesters in a row. You are no longer considered a Berkeley student and should not attempt to enroll in classes. If you have been dismissed, you will have to appeal in writing to the Associate Dean of Instruction and Student Affairs for readmission.