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Advisor Availability Calendar

This calendar has up-to-date schedules for each advisor's drop-in availability, as well as links to schedule an appointment.
For more information email:

*Please note that our advising offices are closed daily from noon - 1pm for lunch, and between 9 am - 12 pm on Wednesdays for our Staff Meeting

The Undergraduate Advisors for all Rausser College majors are located in the Office of Instruction and Student Affairs, 260 Mulford Hall. See below for each advisor's direct contact information.

Conservation and Resource Studies (CRS)

Ecosystem Management and Forestry (EMF)

Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP)

Environmental Sciences (ES)

Genetics & Plant Biology (GPB) and Microbial Biology (MB)

Molecular Environmental Biology (MEB)

Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology (NST)

Society & Environment (S&E)

Undeclared Advisor

Conservation and Resource Studies (CRS)

Energy and Resources Group (ERG)

Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP)

Food Systems (FS)

Forestry and Natural Resources (FNR)

Geospatial Information Science and Technology (GIST)

Molecular Toxicology (MT)

Nutritional Sciences (NS)

Summer Minor in Sustainability

The Peer Advising Leadership (PAL) Program of the Rausser College of Natural Resources strives to offer personal viewpoints and experiences to current and prospective students. These students are trained in understanding college and University requirements, policies, and procedures, and are available to answer questions in 260 Mulford Hall or via email.  For more information about Rausser College PALs and how to contact them, visit their page.

Please note that PALs are only available to answer questions during the Spring and Fall semesters (No Summer Support).