College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

The CNR Honors Program



  • Possess an overall GPA of 3.6 or higher.
  • Have no more than 2 Incomplete grades on your academic record.
  • Have completed a minimum of 60 semester units (attained junior or senior status).
  • Junior Transfer students must have completed at least one semester at UC Berkeley with a 3.6 GPA.


  • Complete 8 units of a two-course H196 series (4 units per course) in a College of Natural Resources department under the guidance of a Faculty Research Mentor/Sponsor. You must enroll in both H196 courses for a letter grade.
  • Students must be on campus for two semesters of consecutive research (no EAP, no summer).
  • Earn grades of a B or better in each H196 course.
  • Maintain a 3.6 GPA or better through graduation.
  • Write an honors research thesis and submit copies to your Faculty Sponsor/Research Mentor. Thesis format will conform to the expectations for submission of a "publishable" paper to the relevant research discipline. A one page summary of your paper is due to the Honors Program Coordinator the day of the oral presentation.
  • Give an oral presentation at the CNR Honors Symposium.
  • Attend a mandatory meeting the beginning of each semester.

How to Apply

  • Complete the CNR Honors Program Enrollment Form.
  • Write a 300-word research proposal.
  • Identify a Research Mentor, who can be any faculty member or other qualified instructor on campus.
  • If you choose to do research with a Research Mentor from another a department outside CNR, you must also identify a CNR Faculty Sponsor in your home department in CNR.
  • Submit your Enrollment Form to the Undergraduate Staff Advisor, in your CNR Research Mentor's Department or if your research mentor is not in CNR, submit your Enrollment Form to your CNR Sponsor's home department by the last day of the third week of the semester in which you plan to enroll in the Honors Program.

Helpful Information

SPUR and the Honors Program

CNR encourages students applying to the Honors Program to apply for SPUR funding as well. SPUR (Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research) awards CNR student-faculty mentor pairs a research grant for a Student-Initiated project. 

Double Majors

If you wish to participate in the Honors Program in one major, the guidelines described above are exactly the same.

If you wish to pursue Honors in both majors, you must meet the full requirements of the Program for both. You will need two research projects with two Research Mentors, and a Faculty Sponsor in each department. You must take 8 units of H196 with each Sponsor and write two publishable papers. This kind of endeavor will almost certainly take two years to accomplish, so careful planning is a must.

Simultaneous Degree Students

Simultaneous Degree Students are welcome to pursue Honors in their CNR major, with all the same requirements and opportunities. However, only students whose home college is CNR can apply for SPUR funding for their Honors Program.

Past Honors Program Participants

Spring 2013

** Melis Medal Award Recipients

Michael Appel, MB
Distinct Mechanisms Mediate Immune Protection in C. elegans Conferred by Two Soil Bacteria
CNR Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Ryan

Nathan Bickart, CRS
Managing the Weed-Shaped Hole: Enhancing Nitrogen Uptake at Strawberry Creek
CNR Faculty Mentor: Katharine Suding

Jessica Channick, MEB
Using in vivo Methods to Investigate Protein Interactions Between Factors Known to Regulate Ligule and Auricle Development in Zea mays
CNR Faculty Mentor: Sarah Hake

Michael Chung, NS-PM
Development and Cold-Induced Activation of Brown Adipose Tissue
CNR Faculty Mentor: Hei Sook Sul

Alyssa Cozzo, NS-PM
AGPS Shifts the Balance of the Cancer Lipidome to Allow Generation of Oncogenic Signaling Lipids
CNR Faculty Mentor: Daniel Nomura

Annie E. Davis, MEB
Toward the Function of a Secretin Homolog in Cell-Contact Dependent Predation in Myxococcus xanthus
CNR Faculty Mentor: Steven Lindow

Charlie Diamond, EEP
Climate Change and Integrated Flood Risk Management in the Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta: Lessons from the Netherlands
CNR Faculty Mentor: David Zilberman

Ashley Ellis, CRS
Lepidoptera Visit, but Do Not Contribute to Pollination of Hybrid Sunflower (Helianthus annus)
CNR Faculty Mentor: Claire Kremen

Lawrence Fernandez, CRS
Resistance and Regeneration: Using Trait-Filtering Analysis to Select Species for Urban Creek Restoration
CNR Faculty Mentor: Katharine Suding

Amy Foo, CRS/English
Persistence for Annual Plants in Serpentine Grassland: A Seed Bank Study
CNR Faculty Mentor: Katharine Suding

Gabriel Fregoso, MEB
Understanding Workers' Perceptions of Education Materials About Occupational Lead Poisoning: Barriers for Implementing Safety Strategies
CNR Faculty Mentor: Neil Tsutsui

Mariah Gonzalez, CRS
Theorizing Alternative Food Systems in Age of Postcolonialism: The Case of Gentrification and Food Praxis in the Mission District of San Francisco
CNR Faculty Mentor: Alastair Iles

Katie Hoffman, SE/History
Climate Forward: Litigation, Divestment and the Vision for Climate Justice
CNR Faculty Mentor: David Winickoff

Marisa Hom, MT
The Role of Transcriptional Coregulator CCAR1 in Glucocorticoid-Regulated Gene Expression in Adipocytes
CNR Faculty Mentor: Jen-Chywan (Wally) Wang

Katherine Hunt, CRS
Microfinance's Viability in Sustaining Agricultural Livelihoods
CNR Faculty Mentor: Garrison Sposito

Ayane Itamura, MEB
Relationship Between Auditory Brain Stem Response and Gap Detection Behavior of Mice Affected by Noise Induced Hearing Lesion
CNR Faculty Mentor: Rosemary Gillespie

Megumi Ito, NS-PM
Enzymatic Synthesis of UDP-GalN Toward a Panel of UDP-GalNAc Analogues
CNR Faculty Mentor: Daniel Nomura

Sammy Kayed, CRS/SE
Phase Progression of Diurnal Oscillations in Streamflow and Transpiration During the Summer Dry Period: Observations from a Geologically Unstable and Densely Forested Watershed
CNR Faculty Mentor: Garrison Sposito

Rochelle Kelly, CRS
**Melis Medal Award Winner, Outstanding Research Presentation
Assessing Bat Activity in North Coast Vineyards
CNR Faculty Mentor: Adina Merenlender

Chika Kondo, SE/Political Science
The People's Department vs. The Last Plantation: An Analysis of the USDA's History of Discriminatory Lending Practices Against Minority Farmers
CNR Faculty Mentor: Rachel Morello-Frosch

Ellen Yun Jeong Lee, MEB
Early Experience Alters Sensory Organization and Leads to Biased Perception
CNR Faculty Mentor: Rosemary Gillespie

Jeremy Lee, MB
**Melis Medal Award Winner, Outstanding Research Presentation
Characterizing TMEM55b and its Regulation of the Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor
CNR Faculty Mentor: Arash Komeili

Christina Lin, NS-PM
The Role of CD36 in CoQ Uptake in Muscle During Exercise
CNR Faculty Mentor: Andreas Stahl

Paris Marler, MEB
Are Kenyan Fish Part Hippo: Stable Isotope Analysis of 'Labeo mzima' Vertebrae
CNR Faculty Mentor: Justin Brashares

Kelly McCarter, MEB
Protection of Cell Culture from Fungal Contamination by Amphotericin B Nanodisk
CNR Faculty Mentor: Robert Ryan

Jacob Moe-Lange, GPB
Root Growth Rates in Salt Stressed Arabidopsis thaliana Seedlings Parallel Observed Quantitative Changes in Root Redox Potentials
CNR Faculty Mentor: Lewis Feldman

Janice Oh, MEB
Host Choice and Consequences for a Pupal Parasitoid, Pediobius ni, on its Sexually Dimorphic Host, the Invasive Light Brown Apple Moth
CNR Faculty Mentor: Nick Mills

Mercede Ramjerdi, SE
Community-Based Salmon Conservation in the Lagunitas Watershed, Marin County: A Survey of Public Involvement
CNR Faculty Mentor: Peter Hopkinson

Lisa Rosenthal, MEB
Resupinate Fungi of North America: A Novel Group
CNR Faculty Mentor: Tom Bruns

Dominique Sirgy, CRS
The Struggle for Land is a Struggle for Survival
CNR Faculty Mentor: Ignacio Chapela

Fanglin Sun, EEP
Solar PV Policy In China: Challenges & Opportunities
CNR Faculty Mentor: Maximillian Auffhammer

Erlin Sweeney, CRS
Improving Ecological Literacy Through Food Systems Education
CNR Faculty Mentor: Gordon Frankie

Lindsay Walter, SE/Political Economy
UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties: The Value of Participation
CNR Faculty Mentor: David Winickoff

Allen Yu, NS-PM
In Vivo Imaging of Cardiac Fatty Acid Uptake
CNR Faculty Mentor: Andreas Stahl

Fall 2012

** Melis Medal Award Recipients

Aya Abounasr, NS-P&M
"Regulation of Lipid Metabolism by Angiopoietin-like Proteins"
CNR Faculty Mentor: Jen-Chywan Wang, NST

Mason French, EEP
"Re-Inventing the Windmill"
CNR Faculty Mentor: Brian Wright, ARE

Eric George, S&E, CRS
"Narrating a National Cultivar: NB-6 and Maize Resistance Breeding After 1970"
CNR Faculty Mentor: Ignacio Chapela, ESPM

Jannika Sjostrand Ilievska Kremer, S&E
"Implementation of EU Waste Recycling Regulation in the Republic of Macedonia"
CNR Faculty Mentor: Jeff Romm, ESPM

Joycerine Lee, EEP
"Transmission Congestion Contracts in the New York Wholesale Power Market: 2000 to Present"
CNR Faculty Mentor: Meredith Fowlie, ARE

Elaina Marshalek, CRS
**Melis Medal Award Winner, Outstanding Research Presentation
"Strategies for Species Conservation in Tropical Production Forest Landscapes"
CNR Faculty Mentor: Matthew Potts, ESPM

Rebecca Peters, S&E
"The NGOization of Water Provision: The Weakening of the State and the Rise of "Civil Society" in Cochabamba, Bolivia"
CNR Faculty Mentor: Nancy Peluso, ESPM

View photos from the Spring 2012 Honors Symposium

** Melis Medal Award Recipients

Cavelle, Jenna, CRS
A Political Ecology of the Citarum River Basin: Exploring Social Dimensions of 'Integrated Water Resources Management' in West Java, Indonesia
CNR Faculty Mentor: Nancy Lee Peluso

Chan, Elizabeth, EEP
The Short- and Long-Term Effects of Energy Savings Competition on Energy Savings Behavior
CNR Faculty Mentor: Sofia Villas-Boas

Colwell, Kaela Margaret, EEP
Is it Still “Green”? The Impacts of Corporate Takeovers on Business Sustainability
CNR Faculty Mentor: Brian Wright

Ereiqat, Farah, EEP
Causation or Correlation? An Empirical Study of High Line Park
CNR Faculty Mentors : Daniel Kammen

Guy, Jonathan, EEP
**Melis Medal Award Winner, Outstanding Research Presentation
Disparities in Food Access among Districts in San Francisco
CNR Faculty Mentor: Sofia Villas-Boas

Heaslip, Meldan, S&E
Toward community wind in the City of Richmond, California
CNR Faculty Mentor: Duncan Callaway

Karmi, Michal, CRS
In the Path of the Three Sisters: A Critical Study of Sustainable Food Systems in a Globalized World
CNR Faculty Mentor: Claudia Carr

Lewis, Elyssa, CRS
**Melis Medal Award Winner, Outstanding Research Presentation
Yes or No to GMOs: What Cal Students Really Think
CNR Faculty Mentor: Peggy Lemaux

Livingston, Corliss, EEP
Heterogeneous Outcomes of the UN Law of the Sea in the Pacific Region: The Effect of the EEZ on Fisheries Development
CNR Faculty Mentors: Alain de Janvry

Thomson, Ariel, FNR
Aging of Giant Sequoia in the Southern Sierra
CNR Faculty Mentor: Robert York

Wang, Ke, EEP
Urban Housing in China: Patterns and Implications for the Social Landscape
CNR Faculty Mentor: David Zilberman

Vollering, Julien, MEB
Addition of Copper (II) Sulfate to SoilSstimulates Abiotic Production of Methyl Halides
CNR Faculty Mentor: Robert Rhew

Wong, Wesley, MB
**Melis Medal Award Winner, Outstanding Research Presentation
Identification of Potential Host Factors Needed for SOX-mediated mRNA Degradation
CNR Faculty Mentor: Britt Glaunsinger

Yang, Karen, NS-P&M
Mechanism of Angptl4-induced Lipolysis
CNR Faculty Mentor: Jen-Chywan Wang

Zeidler, Lauren, MEB
Historical Biogeography of Amazonian and Atlantic Forest Gladiator Frogs (Hypsiboas)
CNR Faculty Mentor: George Roderick

Zhang, Siming, MEB
Vine Mealybug Transmission of Grapevine Leafroll-Associated Virus-3 and Grapevine Virus A
CNR Faculty Mentor: Rodrogo Almeida

Yan, Stephanie, NS-P&M
The Mechanism of Hormonal Regulation of Angiopoietin-like 4 Gene Transcription
CNR Faculty Mentor: Jen-Chywan Wang

Felker, Mary, S&E, CRSM
Situating Carbon Forestry: REDD as Means of Dispossession
CNR Faculty Mentor: Nancy Peluso

Amidi, Omid, MEB
Investigation of Edema Factor Unfolding and Stability through Alanine-Scanning Site-Directed Mutagenesis Using UVCD Spectroscopy
CNR Faculty Mentor: Richard Dodd

Amber-Johnson, Katie, MB
Use of Molecular Tweezers to Study the Effect of Applied Force on s54 Core-Binding Domain
CNR Faculty Mentor: Andy Jackson

Chan, Karen, NST
In Vivo Imaging of Brown Adipose Tissue Transplants
CNR Faculty Mentor: Andreas Stahl

Chanana, Anita Morena, MT
Pre-Clinical Study of Itraconazole Cream in Mice for the Chemotherapy of Basal Cell Carcinomas
CNR Faculty Mentors : Leonard Bjeldanes

Goncalves, Anna Ruth, MT
Methyl Cumarate, a Melanin Formation Inhibitor in Cultured Murine B16 Melanoma Cells
CNR Faculty Mentor: Isao Kubo

Iizulca, Yuki, MT
Role of 3,3'-Diindolylmethane in FOXP3 Regulation
through Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Mediated Pathway
CNR Faculty Mentor: Leonard Bjeldanes

Kao, Emily, MEB
Engineering Sorghum to Improve Digestibility
CNR Faculty Mentor: Peggy Lemaux

Lachenauer, Erica, MT
**Melis Medal Award Winner, Outstanding Research Presentation
Investigating Hair Loss in Hephaestin Knock Out Mice
CNR Faculty Mentor: Chris Vulpe

Lau, Lena, MEB
Characterization of an Essential Tyrosine Phosphatase in Caulobacter Crescentus
CNR Faculty Mentors: Kathleen Ryan

Libove, Eileen, MEB
Having Both Copies of Functional Ptch1 at the Time of Environmental Insult (ionizing radiation), with Subsequent Deactivation of Ptch1, Does Not Offer Protection from Basal Cell Carcinoma Carcinogenesis.
CNR Faculty Mentor: Neil Tsutsui

Liew, Qi, MEB
Does Variation in Nectar Production Affect the Floral Preferences of Native Bees?
CNR Faculty Mentor: Gordon Frankie

Lopez, Daniel, MEB
Linking Paleo- and Modern Species-Area Assessments As a Tool for Understanding Biodiversity Response to Global Change in the Western USA
CNR Faculty Mentor: Steve Lindow

Lowell, Natalie, MEB
Elevational Patterns in Leaf-associated Fungi Community Composition of the Highly Invasive Plant Miconia calvescens: Toward an Understanding of Proximal Mechanisms Affecting the Success of Biocontrol Efforts
CNR Faculty Mentor: Matteo Garbelotto

Maloney, Courtney Cyril, MEB
Searching for a Novel Type III Secretion System Effector Protein and Understanding the Regulation of Known Effectors in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
CNR Faculty Mentor: Dennis Baldocchi

Moritsch, Monica , MEB
Drivers of anchialine biodiversity in remipedes and atyid shrimp
CNR Faculty Mentor: Stephanie Carlson

Pan, Shawn, MT
Crosstalk between HER2- and Estrogen Receptor Alpha-Mediated Proliferative Pathways in BT-474 Breast Cancer Cells.
CNR Faculty Mentor: Chris Vulpe

Petriello, Annalise, MB
Assessing the Role of Globally Conserved Type III Effectors in the Cassava-Xam Pathosystem
CNR Faculty Mentor: Brian Staskawicz

Salzman, Shayla , GPB
Temporal Gene Expression during Macrozamia lucida Thermogenesis
CNR Faculty Mentor: Chelsea Specht

Teng, Crystal, MT
A Molecular Phylogeny of the Endemic Hawaiian Scatella (Diptera: Ephydridae)
CNR Faculty Mentor: Patrick O'Grady

Fall 2011

View photos from the Fall 2011 Honors Symposium

Ildiko Polony, Conservation Resource Studies
Connecting People, Connecting Wildlife: A Bicycle/Wildlife Corridor on Arguello Boulevard, San Francisco
CNR Faculty Mentor: Joe McBride; Carolyn Merchant

Claire Evans, Society & Environment
A Cidade Limpa: Sustainability Discourse, Forced Evictions, and the Mega Event Project in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
CNR Faculty Mentor: Rachel Morello-Frosch; James Holston

Nicolas Oliver, Society & Environment
Engulfed: Exxon Valdez, Deepwater Horizon, and Journalism's Changing Tides
CNR Faculty Mentor: Kimberly TallBear

Michael Chun Kuo, Environmental Economics & Policy
Tourism Demand in South Korea: The Impact of Film and Music Exports
CNR Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Perloff

Alexander Javier, Forestry Natural Resources and Conservation & Resource Studies
**Melis Medal Award Winner, Outstanding Research Presentation
Aqua in Memoriam: Memorial Glade's Hydrologic Cycle
CNR Faculty Mentor: Celine Pallud; Stephanie Carlson

Jin Yong Kim, Microbial Biology
**Melis Medal Award Winner, Outstanding Research Presentation
Nanoparticle-based mutation assay for blood screening
CNR Faculty Mentor: Steven E. Lindow; Il-Jin Kim

Spring 2011

View photos from the Spring 2011 Honors Symposium

** Melis Medal Winners

Nora Traughber, S/E
Framing of Vulnerable Populations Within Cumulative Impacts Studies
CNR Faculty Mentor: Rachel Morello-Frosch

Heather Sparks, CRS
Tuolumne and the Westside Cherry Valley Golf Club- A Case Study in the History, Policy, and Challenges of Sustainable Development
CNR Faculty Mentor: Carolyn Merchant

Allison Toivola, S/E
Energy Policies in the People's Republic of China from 1978 to the Present: Coal Power Amidst a Changing International Arena
CNR Faculty Mentor: Carolyn Merchant

Kimitaka Nakazawa, EEP
Economic Feasibility of Energy Production from Algae
CNR Faculty Mentors : Sofia Villas-Boas and Tasios Melis

Mio Kitayama, MEB/Econ
Modeling the Impact of Palm Oil Production Expansion on Global Biodiversity
CNR Faculty Mentor: Matthew Potts

Natalie Kurashima, CRS
Geospatially Mapping Traditional Hawaiian Cropping Systems on Moloka‘i Island, Hawai‘i
CNR Faculty Mentor: Celine Pallud

Brynna Naree Bunnag, EEP/Soc
The Impact of Information Exposure on University Campus Building Electricity Consumption
CNR Faculty Mentor: Sofia Villas-Boas

Alex Christensen, CRS
Soil Development in a Restored Tidal Marsh
CNR Faculty Mentor: Katharine Suding

Dana Goin, EEP
The Co-evolutionary Development Potential of Organic Viticulture: An Examination of the California Wine Industry
CNR Faculty Mentors: Sofia Villas-Boas, Richard Norgaard

Alison Amberg, CRS/French
The Role of Support Systems in Reinforcing School Gardening Program Benefits: Case Study at a West Oakland Middle School
CNR Faculty Mentor: Carolyn Finney

Chun Yin Alessandro Ku, EEP
Clean Development Mechanism in China
CNR Faculty Mentor: Meredith Fowlie

Annelisa Luong, S/E
Community Inclusion in Re-Envisioning Public Space: Cesar Chavez Street Development in San Francisco
CNR Faculty Mentor: Jeff Romm

Candace Britton, MEB
**Melis Medal Winner, Outstanding Honors Presentation
Choanoflagellate Cell Type Differentiation is Associated with Bacterial Community Shifts
CNR Faculty Mentor: Claire Kremen

Jason Park, MEB
Sentinel Surveillance for Pharyngeal Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Among Men Who Have Sex With Men: San Francisco, 2010
CNR Faculty Mentor: Damian Elias

Austin Bell, MT
An Investigation in the Disruption of Iron Homeostasis Using Preliminary Neurological Phenotyping and Metabolic Activity Assays in Knockout Mice
CNR Faculty Mentor: Chris Vulpe

Siu-Wei Huang, MEB
The Extent of Knowledge Arthropod-borne Diseases in the Medical Community: A Focus on Lyme Disease and Malaria
CNR Faculty Mentor: Vincent Resh

Maya Mileck, GPB
Improving Transformation and Regeneration of Sweet Sorghum
CNR Faculty Mentor: Peggy Lemaux

Danielle Desmet, MEB
Caprellid Amphipod Wars: Population Trends and Salinity Tolerances of Caprella californica and Caprella mutica
CNR Faculty Mentor: Rosemary Gillespie

Seung Hui Kang, NSTPM
Estrogenic Activity of Parabens
CNR Faculty Mentor: Dale Leitman

Patrick Browne, MB
Surfactant Producing Bacteria and the Atomized Hydrocarbon Assay
CNR Faculty Mentor: Steven Lindow

Han Suk Kim, MB/NS
Virus Coated Bacteria: A System of DNA Delivery to Choanoflagellates
CNR Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Ryan

Dominic Siu, MT
The Role of the Cellular MicroRNA mir-7 in Response to CMV Infection
CNR Faculty Mentor: Len Bjeldanes

Ruixuan Zhang, GPB
Towards Understanding the Long-Term Viability of Ancient Chinese Sacred Lotus Seeds: Special Redox Regulation of Cotyledon and Embryonic Axis Proteins
CNR Faculty Mentor: Bob Buchanan

Kit Wun Kathy Cheung, MT
Changes in the Activity and Redox Status of Antioxidant Enzymes under Heat Stress: A Possible Clue to the Longevity of Sacred Lotus Seeds
CNR Faculty Mentors: Bob Buchanan and Len Bjeldanes

Xiaomin Liang, MT
**Melis Medal Winner, Outstanding Honors Presentation
Establishing a Functional Brown Preadipocyte Cell Line Useful for In Vitro Studies
CNR Faculty Mentor: Hei Sook Sul

Sherry Firouzbakht, MT
Flavonols as Estrogen Mimetics
CNR Faculty Mentor: Dale Leitman

Victor Hoang, MEB
Redox-linked Regulatory Enzymes in a Primitive Methanogen
CNR Faculty Mentor: Bob Buchanan

Ted Kim, MEB/MB
The Role of Tannin in the Digestibility of Sorghum
CNR Faculty Mentor: Bob Buchanan

Fall 2010

View photos from the Fall 2010 Honors Symposium

Charles Lucas Lintott, CRS
The Politics of Global Climate CHante: The Kyoto Protocol in the United States and the Developing World
Faculty Mentor: Anthony Fisher, ARE

Tina Wang, MT
Single amino acid change causes murine -­herpesvirus 68’s muSOX protein to lose its host shut off function
Faculty Mentor: Britt Glausinger, PMB. CNR Sponsor: Chris Vulpe, NST, Len Bjeldanes, NST

Spring 2010

View photos from the Spring 2010 Honors Symposium

** Melis Medal Winners

Helen Aki, CRS
From Market Ecology to Ecological Economics: A Discourse-Based Proposition for Environmental Decision-Making
Faculty Mentors: Richard Norgaard, ERG; Jeff Romm, CNR

Kerry Boyle, MB
Dissecting the Gateway to ChlPMydia Infection of Eukaryotic Cells
Faculty Mentors: Richard Stephens, SPH; Krishna Niyogi, CNR

Keith Brower Brown, EEP
The Renewable Future Grid: A Model for Compressed Air Energy Storage Development in the Western US
Faculty Mentors: Richard Norgaard, ERG; Jeff Romm, CRS

Miranda L. Broz, MB
Characterizing the Reproductive Roles of Tetraspanins 14-17 in Arabidopsis thaliana
CNR Faculty Mentor: Sheila McCormick

Larry Cai, MT
Stress-Induced Suppression of HippocPMpal Neurogenesis
Faculty Mentors: Daniela Kaufer, IB; Jen Chywan (Wally) Wang, CNR

Rosa Chan, MT
Using High-Throughput Sequencing to Assay Differential Gene Expression
CNR Faculty Mentor: Chris Vulpe

Sandy Ian-U Chong, NS Dietetics
Transcriptional Activation of Fatty Acid Synthase Promoter by Chromatin Remodeling Complex
CNR Faculty Mentor: Hei Sook Sul

Rebecca Coleman, CRS
Ecofeminist Close Reading: How Ecofeminist Literary Criticism Can Guide a Critical Reassessment of Historic Conflations of Women and Nature
CNR Faculty Mentor: Carolyn Merchant

Yelena Filipchuk, CRS
Marginal Land, Marginal People: An Investigation of Jatropha Curacas Biodiesel Cultivation in Rural India
CNR Faculty Mentors: Nancy Peluso; Ignacio Chapela

Alexander Gair, CRS
The Local Food Ideal: Origins and Current Debates in U.S. Political Culture
CNR Faculty Mentor: David E. Winickoff

Suman Gupta, CRS
Depolymerization of Polylactic Acid - A Treatise on the Decomposition of Corn Plastic
CNR Faculty Mentor: Ignacio Chapela

Aron Kamajaya, MB
Residues Required for the Efficient Degradation of the Master Cell Cycle Regulator, CtrA, in Caulobacter crescentus
CNR Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Ryan

Jenny Kan, NS Physiology & Metabolism
DNA-PK Deficient SCID Mice Exhibit Higher Energy Expenditure Without Increased Physical Activity
CNR Faculty Mentor: Hei Sook Sul; Roger Wong

Bryce Kellogg, FNR
Vegetation Change and Grazing, 1947-2005 in the White Mountains, CA
CNR Faculty Mentor: James W. Bartolome

Tim Kline, SE
Mixed Up: Capital, Labor, and Technology in the California Spring Mix Industry
CNR Faculty Mentor: Jeff Romm

Daley Kutzman, EEP
** Melis Medal Winner Outstanding Honors Presentation
Tradeoffs between Distance and Quality in School Preferences
CNR Faculty Mentors: Elisabeth Sadoulet; Alain de Janvry

Michelle Lew, MT
Establishing a Cell Model System to Study the Anabolic Effect of Androgens in Skeletal Muscle
CNR Faculty Mentor: Jen-Chywan (Wally) Wang

Christen Love, EEP
Brackish Water Desalination: A Viable Water Source for Southern California
CNR Faculty Mentor: Sofia Villas-Boas

Mary Mayeda, FNR & CRS
Stand Structure Changes in a Fuel Treated Second Growth Giant Sequoia Forest: A Look 45 Years Later
CNR Faculty Mentor: Rob York

Michal Rosenoer, CRS
Is AGRA an Appropriate Response to FPMine in Kenya?
CNR Faculty Mentor: Christina Getz

John A. Silva, EEP
The Rise of the Subprime Mortgage Market and the Fall of the Housing Market
CNR Faculty Mentor: Sofia Villas-Boas

Jessica Soldavini, NS Dietetics
**Melis Medal Winner, Outstanding Honors Presentation
The Effects of Nutrition Claims on Children's Perceptions of the Healthfulness of a Product and Its Impact on their Preferences
CNR Faculty Mentor: Pat Crawford

Patrick Stelmach, SE
Tackling Climate Change Through Technology Transfer: Getting Developing Countries to Play Ball
CNR Faculty Mentor: Kate O'Neill

Taj Walton, EEP
Consumer Adoption in the Electric Vehicle Market
CNR Faculty Mentor: Sofia Villas-Boas

Yi Wang, EEP
Impacts of International Development Finance: Investigating Agricultural Input Intensity and Land Holding Concentration in Sub-Saharan Africa
CNR Faculty Mentor: Sofia Villas-Boas

Sarah Wong, EEP
An Investigation of Product Differentiation in Fair Trade Coffee
CNR Faculty Mentor: Sofia Villas-Boas

Jiao Xue, GPB
Using Rapidly Evolving Molecular Markers to Develop a Phylogenetic Hypothesis for the Highly Diverse Genus Heliconia (Zingiberales)
CNR Faculty Mentor: Chelsea D. Specht

Menglin Jack Zhou, SE
The History and Social Organization of Climate Skepticism in the United States Since 1988
CNR Faculty Mentors: Alastair Iles; Kate O'Neill

Fall 2009

View photos from the Fall 2009 Honors Symposium

* Melis Medal Winners

*Philip Cerda, Molecular Environmental Biology
Title: Effects of Methyl Cinnamate and Methyl 3-Phenylpropionate on Murine and Human Melanoma Cells
CNR Faculty Mentor: Isao Kubo
Melis Medal Winner for Best Honors Presentation

Irene T. Liao, Genetic Plant Biology
Title: Virus-induced Gene Silencing (VIGS) as a Functional Genomic Tool in Alliaceae
CNR Faculty Mentor: Chelsea D. Specht

David Denberg, Environmental Economics & Policy
Title: The Global Food Crisis; Price Dissemination and Social Impacts
CNR Faculty Mentor: David Zilberman

Alana Lemarchand, Environmental Economics & Policy
Title: Federal Insurance for California Specialty Crops
CNR Faculty Mentor: Ethan Ligon

Shee Zhi Qiang, Forestry and Natural Resources
Title: A Wildlife Scat Survey Along the Continental Divide Trail in Montana
CNR Faculty Mentor: Joe McBride

Sahana Swaminathan, Environmental Economics & Policy
Carbon Emissions Mitigation through Technology: India’s Potential for Solar, Wind, and Small Hydropower by 2020
CNR Faculty Mentor: Sofia Villas-Boas

Alexandra Taylor-Gutt, Molecular Environmental Biology
Title: Phytoestroges in Mountain Gorilla Diet: Quantitative Evidence for Occurrence and Effects on Feeding Ecology
CNR Faculty Mentor: Katharine Milton

Spring 2009

View photos from the Spring 2009 Honors Symposium

* Melis Medal Winners

Katie Montgomery, CRS
Pollinator Education for Children: Integrating Native Bee Horticulture into the Classroom and the Garden
CNR Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gordon Frankie

Olga Mukha, MEB
Screening for Suppressor Mutations Involved in Heterokaryon Incompatibility in Neurospora Crassa
CNR Faculty Mentor: Louise Glass

Stella Yujin Kim, MEB
Characterization of Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii Mutants with Temperature-sensitive Chlorophyll Production
CNR Faculty Mentor: Krishna Niyogi

Madeline Tiee, MEB
Tail Flagging and Tail Posture: Use of the Tail as a Signal in Three Social Contexts of the Eastern Fox Squirrel (Sciurus Niger)
CNR Faculty Mentor: Professor Justin Brashares
Other Faculty Mentor: Professor Eileen Lacey

Ashley Arax, MEB
Air Pollution Policy in the San Joaquin Valley: Indirect Source Review as a Case Study
CNR Faculty Mentor: Professor Inez Fung
Other Faculty Mentor: Professor John Balmes

Jordan Anaya, MB
Structural Studies of the PHP Domain from E. coli DNA Polymerase III
CNR Faculty Mentor: John Kuriyan
Other Faculty Mentor: Steven Lindow

Samantha Bell*, MB
Melis Medal Winner for Outstanding Presentation & Research Tolerability & Efficacy of Mycophenolate Mofetil in Lupus
Faculty Mentor: Maria Dall'era, MD
Faculty Sponsor: Louise Glass

Elena T. Chan, MT
Molecular Targets of Traditional Chinese Medicine Breast Cancer Treatments
CNR Faculty Mentor: Professor Dale E. Johnson

Joseph Perla, EEP
Informal E-waste Processing in India: Legislative Review and Economic Considerations
CNR Faculty Mentor: Sofia Berto Villas-Boas

Ashley Spalding, EEP
Investigating Price Pass-Through in Local Milk Markets
CNR Faculty Mentor: Sofia Villas-Boas

Molly Josephine Doctors*, EEP
Melis Medal Winner for Outstanding Presentation & Research The International Food Crisis: Heterogeneous Price Transmission in Sub-Saharan Africa
CNR Faculty Mentor: Elisabeth Sadoulet
CNR Faculty Mentor: Alain de Janvry

Matthew Hughes, FNR
Genetic Differentiation within Shasta Red Fir and Questions about Its Taxonomic Status
CNR Faculty Mentor: Richard Dodd

Zachary Tane, FNR
Spatial Patterns of Biomass Change in Northern Hardwood Forests
Faculty Mentor: John Battles

Noah Bartlett, CRS
Toward a Pragmatic Approach to Sustainability: Shifting the Production-consumption Paradigm through an Examination of the Food System
CNR Faculty Mentor: Gordon Frankie

Marissa Ponder, CRS
Creation of an Urban Bee Garden: Experiences from Beginning to End
CNR Faculty Mentor: Gordon Frankie

Fall 2008

View photos from the Fall 2008 Honors Reception

Marc Barker, Forestry and Natural Resources (ESPM)
Pruning Influence on Stem Growth in Mixed Conifers of the Sierra Nevada
Mentor: Professor Kevin O'Hara, ESPM

Vanessa Bleecher, Genetics and Plant Biology (PMB)/Arabic (College of Letters & Science)
Melis Medal Winner, Best Honors Research
The Role of Flagella in Epiphytic Growth of Pseudomonas syringae B728a
Mentor: Professor Steven Lindow, PMB

David Brown, Conservation and Resource Studies (ESPM)
Redefining Green Buildings: A Critique of LEED
Mentor: Professor Jeff Romm, ESPM

Alana Clark, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
From Organ Transplants to Plants: Elucidation of Protein-Protein Interactions and Subcellular Localization of Cyclophilin 28 in Arabidopsis
Mentors: Professors Sheng Luan, PMB; Isao Kubo, ESPM

Spencer Diamond, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)/Molecular and Cell Biology (College of Letters & Science)
A Fungal Model for Lignin and Cellulose Degradation
Mentor: Professor Louise Glass, PMB

Jacquelyn Amour Jampolsky, Conservation and Resource Studies (ESPM)
Melis Medal Winner, Best Honors Presentation Waste Development and Community Health in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro: The Waste Reuse Urban Cultivation Project
Mentor: Professor Jeff Romm, ESPM

Laura Mahoney, Genetics and Plant Biology (PMB)/Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP)
Down Regulation of Gamete Expressed Genes GEX1, GEX2, and GEX3 in Arabidopsis thaliana
Mentor: Professor Sheila McCormick, PMB

An Nguyen, Molecular Toxicology (NST)
Respiratory Health of Children Exposed to Indoor Biofuel-Related Air Pollution: Effects of Glutathione S-Transferase M1 and T1 Genetic Polymorphisms
Mentors: Dr. Nina Holland, SPH; Professor Chris Vulpe, NST

Lena Ning, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)/Psychology (College of Letters & Science)
Salt Activation of P450 BM-3 for Monooxygenase Activity in Non-Aqueous Media
Mentors: Professor Douglas Clark, ChemE; Professor Steven Lindow, ESPM

Jennifer Quan, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Survey of Lice Borne Diseases Amongst Orphanage Children in Kathmandu and Pokhara Valleys, Nepal
Mentor: Professor Robert Lane, ESPM

Samantha Stevens, Conservation and Resource Studies (ESPM)
Lake Tahoe: Evaluating the Relationship between Tourism, Transportation, and Lake Clarity
Mentor: Professor Jeff Romm, ESPM

Griselda Velasquez, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Metabolic Basis of Aberrant Fetal Growth
Mentors: Dr. Janet King, Children's Hospital; Prof. Rodrigo Almeida, ESPM

Steven Westhoff, Conservation and Resource Studies (ESPM), and Rhetoric (College of Letters & Science)
The Greening of Affordable Housing in the San Francisco Bay Area
Mentor: Professor Jeff Romm, ESPM

Leigh Whelpton, Conservation and Resource Studies (ESPM)
Political Ecology of Cheetah Conservation in Namibia: Conflicting Values and Practical Solutions
Mentor: Professor Gordon Frankie, ESPM

Alex Yiu, Conservation and Resource Studies/Forestry and Natural Resources(ESPM)
The Influence of the Variable Retention Harvest System on Mixed Conifer Seedling Growth
Mentor: Professor Kevin O'Hara, ESPM

Alice Yu, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Growth and Reduction of Trichloroethene by Dehalococcoides ethenogenes in the Presence of other Bacteria
Mentors: Helene Feil, PhD, CEE; Professor Mark Tanouye, ESPM

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Spring 2008

View abstracts of all presentations

View photos from the Spring 2008 Honors Reception

Lucy H. Allen, Conservation and Resource Studies (ESPM)
Soil organic carbon dynamics across a gradient of earthworm invasion in a northern Michigan hardwood forest
Mentors: Professors Gordon Frankie and Margaret Torn

Aditi L. Ananth, Nutritional Sciences: Physiology and Metabolism (NST)
Phosphorylation and acetylation of USF-1 functions as a sensor for nutritional status
Mentor: Professor Hei Sook Sul

Barruch Ben-Zekry, Environmental Economics and Policy (ARE)
Effect on sales of popcorn from a "Seal of Approval" made on its nutrition claims
Mentor: Professor Sofia Villas-Boas

Pierre-Alain Blosse, Genetics and Plant Biology (PMB)
Toward development of a gene-targeting tool in wheat using maize AC/DS
Mentor: Professor Peggy G. Lemaux

Jessica A. Castillo, Conservation and Resource Studies (ESPM)
Endangered feces: An analysis of predator diet at Carrizo Plain National Monument, California
Mentor: Professor Justin Brashares

Katherine Chadwick, Environmental Economics and Policy (ARE)
Market structure and consumer preferences for livestock products in Lao PDR
Mentor: Professor David Roland-Holst

Man Sharon Chan, Environmental Economics and Policy (ARE)
Land uses, planning and their environmental implications: the case of Hong Kong, China
Mentor: Professor Sofia Villas-Boas

Amanda Cocking, Conservation and Resource Studies (ESPM)
Establishing a suitable after-school garden club in an urban elementary school
Mentor: Professor Gordon Frankie

Ismael Corral Jr., Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Search for new alternative anti-epileptic drugs using the seizure model Drosophila
Mentor: Professor Mark Tanouye

Desirae Early, Environmental Economics and Policy (ARE)
Consumer demand for dish detergents: the influence of eco-labels, regional and household characteristics
Mentor: Professor Sofia Villas-Boas

Marissa Engleman, Conservation and Resource Studies (ESPM)
Hydroelectric Dams: conflicting interests along the Tana River, Kenya
Mentor: Professor Claudia J. Carr

Tay Feder, Environmental Economics and Policy (ARE)
An empirical comparison of net energy metering and feed-in tariffs for residential solar photovoltaic users
Mentors: Professors Alex Farrell and Larry Karp

Emily Fox, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Functional analysis of the Arabidopsis pollen receptor Kinase3 (PRK3) family during pollen tube growth
Mentor: Professor Sheila McCormick

Joel R. Gonzalez, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Expression apttern of EMF2-3XFLAG in Arabidopsis Thaliana
Mentor: Professor Z. Renee Sung

Fletcher Halliday, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Complex wetland interactions: How bird migration and habitat degradation mediate parasite dynamics in the marine snail Cerithidea californica
Mentors: Professors Wayne Sousa and Mark Tanouye

Zachary Hanna, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Phylogeography of the orange-crowned warbler (Vermivora celata)
Mentor: Professor Rosemary Gillespie

Claudia Henriquez, Genetics and Plant Biology (PMB)
Molecular and Morphological analysis of the Mexican Milla complex
Mentor: Professor Chelsea Specht

Yuen Wai Hung, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Development of a real-time PCR assay to quantitatively detect Chistosoma japonicum cercariae in water
Mentors: Professors Robert Spear, Public Health and Steven Lindow

John Ikeda, Nutritional Science (NST)
Effects of a high salt diet on the gut, visceral adiposity, and insulin resistance
Mentor: Dr. Mark Shigenaga, Sponsor: Professor Nancy Amy

Maxwell Jen, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Characterization of synapsin|CRE-LOXP transgenic mice construct
Mentors: Dr. Nele. Tamberg and Professor Nancy Amy

Min Kim, Genetics and Plant Biology (PMB)
The effect of the stage specific inhibition of EMF1
Mentor: Professor Renee Sung

Kourosh Kolahi, Microbial Biology (PMB)
Functions of specific genes in Caulobacter crescentus
Mentor: Professor Kathleen Ryan

Stanley Kwong, Microbial Biology (PMB)
Detecting the presence of BLV in beef and dairy products and testing their infectiousness toward human mammary epithelial cells
Mentors: Professors Gertrude Buehring and Kathleen Ryan

Laura Lagomarsino, Genetics and Plant Biology (PMB)
**Melis Medal Winner for Outstanding GPA and Honors Research
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution of Heliconia
Mentor: Professor Chelsea Specht

Lesley Lara, Molecular and Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Engineering novel gene-regulatory RNA aptamers
Mentor: Professor Mark Tanouye

Alexander Lau, Nutritional Sciences, Physiology and Metabolism (NST)
Non-random symbiotic interactions between nitrogen-fixing Brady Rhizobia and legume plants
Mentors: Professors Ellen Simms and Ben de Lumen

Angie Lee, Conservation Resource Studies & Forestry and Natural Resources (ESPM)
A comparative study of park usage in lawn versus woodland area in San Francisco Mountain Lake Park
Mentor: Professor Joe McBride

Kevin Lee, Conservation Resource Studies (ESPM)
Cellulosic ethanol: challenges in its venture (2008)
Mentor: Professor Lynn Huntsinger

Zuh Jyh Daniel Lin, Genetics and Plant Biology (PMB)
Agrobacterium mediated transient expression of pepper pathogen Xanthomonas campestris PV. Vesciatoria effectors on Nicotiana benthamiama detects non-host resistance
Mentor: Professor Brian J. Staskawicz

Spencer Lindsey, Microbial Biology (PMB)
Characterization of norflurazon sensitive Chlamydomonas reinhardtii insertional mutants
Mentor: Professor Krishna Niyogi

William Liu, Molecular Toxicology / Environmental Economics (NST)
In silico modeling of kinase binding in the context of the AKT/PI3K/MTOR pathway
Mentor: Professor Dale E. Johnson

Miguel A. Martínez-Romo, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Glycemic control among diabetes patients living in the bay area
Mentor: Professor Mark Tanouye

Kathryn McGown, Forestry and Natural Resources (ESPM)
**Melis Medal Winner for Outstanding GPA and Honors Research
Essense of Place: The lens through which you look determines what you will see
Mentor: Professor Jeff Romm

Michelle S. McKenney, Microbial Biology (PMB)
Detection and quanitification of shiga toxins from Escherichia coli 0157:H7
Mentors: Dr. Beatriz Quiñones, USDA and Professor Steven Lindow, PMB

Eva Montes, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Learning scientific inquiry through role playing
Mentors: Professors Barbara Y. White, School of Education and Mark Tanouye, ESPM

Miguel Padilla, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Molecular identification of the Drosophilia bang senseless (BSS) gene
Mentor: Professor Mark Tanouye

Katherine Saad, Environmental Sciences
Determining photosynthesis levels of wetland vegetation using high-resolution spectral reflectance data
Mentor: Professor Dennis Baldocchi

Peter Schulte, Conservation and Resource Studies (ESPM)
Examining aquaculture as a restoration tool for declining capture fisheries in Ghana
Mentor: Professor Justin Brashares

Rodolfo Silva, Molecular Toxicology (NST)
3, 3-Diindolymethane upregulates interferon gamma receptor expression in MCF-7 Breast cancer cells through the production of reactive oxygen species
Mentor: Professor Leonard Bjeldanes

Colin M. Sweeney, Environmental Economics & Policy (ARE)
The resource curse in Brazil
Mentor: Professor Elisabeth Sadoulet

Han-Qi Tan, Genetics and Plant Biology (PMB)
Improving the nutritional value of sorghum
Mentor: Professor Peggy G. Lemaux

Madison Thomson, Forestry and Natural Resources (ESPM)
Vegetative biomass, road surface deformation, and douglas-fir sapling growth on decommissioned haul roads in Mendocino County
Mentor: Professor Kevin O'Hara

Mayuko Totsuka, Conservation and Resource Studies (ESPM)
Environmental policy of Japanese Aid: Towards a sustainable agroecosystems in Bangladesh
Mentors: Professors Kate O'Neill and Claudia Carr

Linda Truong, Nutritional Science-Physiology and Metabolism (NST)
Body perception among Korean college females
Mentor: Professor Nancy K Amy

Anna Ward, Molecular Toxicology (NST)
Blockade of endocannabinoid metabolism leads to activation of the endocannabinoid system and modulation of arachidonic acid levels
Mentor: Professor John Casida

April Yang, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Development of rapid behavioural screen for novel antiepileptic drugs
Mentor: Professor Mark Tanouye

Angela Yu, Molecular Environmental Biology (ESPM)
Prevention of pancreatic ß-Cell lipotoxicity by inhibition of fatty acid transport proteins
Mentors: Professors Andreas Stahl and Melissa Kazantzis

Dawn X. Yu, Microbial Biology (PMB)
Cytokine production in raw 264.7 macrophages under presence of 3,3'-Diindolymethane
Mentor: Professor Leonard F. Bjeldanes, Sponsor: Professor Steven Lindow

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Fall 2007

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Alexandra Liu, Molecular Environmental Biology
Effective Intellectual Property Protection: Why Such a Challenge for China?
Mentor: Professors David Winickoff & Brian Wright

Grayson Vincent, Environmental Economics & Policy
Impact of Water Transfer between the Imperial Irrigation District and San Diego County Water Authority on Migrant Labor.
Mentor: Professor David Sunding

Lisa Friedman, Conservation Resource Studies
Transformation of Banana Production in Costa Rica: Socioeconomic and Other Factors.
Mentor: Professors Carolyn Trist & Claire Kremen

Eric Meux, Environmental Economics & Policy
Water Poverty, Health, and Economic Development.
Mentor: Professor David Roland-Holst

Delicia Nahman, Conservation Resource Studies
Logging in Suriname: The Environmental, Social and Economic Effects of Global competition for natural resources within the context of Surinamese Development.
Mentor: Professor Claudia Carr

Aimee Sprague, Conservation Resource Studies
Evaluating the Role of Climate in Tree Growth in a Sierran Conifer Forest.
Mentor: Professor John Battles

Tim Jeong Ho Seo, Molecular Environmental Biology
Behavioral and Physiological Response of Hellgrammite, Neohermes filicornis (Megaloptera: Corydalidae) to Stream Drying and Desiccation.
Mentor: Professor Vince Resh

Victor Rodriguez, Molecular Toxicology
Expression of Estrogen Receptor-Alpha in Mammary Epithelial Cells of Transgenic Mice Overexpressing Unactivated C-Neu and Its Relationship to Onset of Cellular Senescence and Tumorigenesis.
Mentor: Dr. G. Shyamala & Professor Leonard Bjeldanes

**Amy Lin, Molecular Environmental Biology
Melis Medal Winner for Best Honors Presentation
Recombinant Neuropathy Target Esterase Protects Cells from Lysophosphatidylcholine-Induced Cytotoxicity.
Mentor: Professor John Casida

Jenna Hua, Nutritional Science & Toxicology Dept, Dietetics
California PLATE- Evaluating New Nutrition Education Curriculum to Improve Fruit and Vegetable Consumption.
Mentor: Professor Pat Crawford

Leonora Bittleston, Molecular Environmental Biology
Life Inside a Bug: The Pathogenic Bacterium BEV and its Leafhopper Host.
Mentor: Professor Rodrigo Almeida

**Kavita Rangan, Microbial Biology
Melis Medal Winner for Best Honors Research
Characterization of a Baculovirus Gene Involved in Nuclear Localization of Actin.
Mentor: Professors Matthew Welch & Loy Volkman

Shahrzad Abbassi-Rahbar, Molecular Environmental Biology
Role of Phospholipase D-mediated Signal Transduction in the Exposure of Phosphatidylserine (PS) in Red Blood Cells.
Mentor: Kitty DeJong & Professor Mark Tanouye

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Spring 2007

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Judith Harwood, EEP
The Relationship Between Agricultural Support In the United States and Povery in Developing Countries
Mentor: Professor Larry Karp

Kyle Hubbard, EEP
Assessing California's Ethanol Future
Mentor: Professor David Sunding

Aminta Raffalovich, EEP
Atmosphere and Agriculture: A Survey of Research on Global Dimming and its Impacts
Mentor: Professor Maximilian Auffhammer

Laura Safdie, EEP
Barriers and Solutions for the California Water Market
Mentor: Professor Michael Hanemann

John Dingman, FNR
Improving Spatial Accuracy of VTM Plots at Mt. Diablo State Park
Mentor: Professor N. Maggi Kelly

Lisa Forma, CRS
Redesigning the Yellow Brick Road: Making the Right Choices for Road Closures and Restoration Projects in California Watersheds
Mentor: Professor Elizabeth W. Boyer

Danielle Fuchs, FNR
Strategies to Promote Old-Growth Giant Sequioa Stands: An Evaluation Of The Group Selection Approach
Mentor: Professor John Battles

Lauren Selman, CRS
Lights, Camera, Eco-Action: The Greening of the Motion Picture Industry
Mentor: Professor John Hurst

Stephanie Stephanie, NT-Toxicology
Mechanism Underlying Eye Elongation in Continuous Light
Mentor: Professor Christine Wildsoet

Ginevra Ryman, MEB
Investigating Species Richness Patterns of Terrestrial Mammals
Mentor: Professor Rosemary Gillespie

Samantha Weintraub, CRS
Nitrification in Model Grassland Ecosystems: Edaphic and Environmental Controls
Mentor: Professors Mary Firestone

Georgia Green, CRS
Investigating Microbial Communities Involving Dehalococcoides ethenogenes strain 195, a Halorespiring Bacterium
Mentor: Professors Lisa Alvarez-Cohen and Mary Firestone

Kim Hung, MEB
Impact of Temperature on Maintenance of Gut-Associated Bacteria and Stinkbug Fitness
Mentor: Professor Rodrigo Almeida

Kenneth Takeoka, MB
Evaluating Fecundity in Neurospora
Mentor: Professor John Taylor

Michelle Bailey, CRS
Missing the Regenerative Pieces: Land Management in California's North Coast Forests
Mentor: Professor Claudia Carr

Hillary Cooper, MB
New Insights into the Evolutionary History of Ruscaceae
Mentor: Professor Chelsea Specht

Hong Dinh, NST-Physiology & Metabolism
Enchance of Anacardic Acid on Lunasin's Chemopreventative Properties
Mentor: Professor Ben O. de Lumen

Sankar Sridaran, MEB
The Labellum of Costus (Zingiberales) and the ABC Model of Floral Development
Mentor: Professor Chelsea Specht

Catherine Murray, MB
The Dual Use Dilemma: Microbes as Both Tools and Weapons
Mentor: Professor Dan Portnoy

Naz Nami, , MB
Induction of Resistance to Barley Stripe Mosaic Virus
Mentor: Professor Andew O. Jackson

Subhajit Poddar, MB
Characterization of Two Novel Carotenoid Biosynthesis Genes In Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii
Mentor: Professor Krishna K. Niyogi

Leona D. Scanlan, Molecular Toxicology
Thymoquinone Toxicity in B16-F10 Murine Melanoma Cells
Mentor: Professor Isao Kubo

J. Scott Stevenson, MB
Genetic Characterization of the Dominant Rough Sheath4 Mutant in Maize (Zea Mays)
Mentor: Professor Sara Hake

Haleh Sakkaki, MEB
Breast Cancer Research
Mentor: Professor Mark Tanouye and Chris Vulpe

Rose Tran, MEB
The Potential Role of the Notch Pathway in the Reversion of Malignant Mammary Epithelia
Mentor: Professor Mark A. Tanouye

Sarah Daniels, MEB
Effects of Mainstream Tobacco Smoke Effects on the Function and Genetic Integrity of Mouse Sperm
Mentor: Professor Sally K. Fairfax

Sameen Ghazali, CRS
The Plight of A Predator: A Review of the Status and Future of International Shark Conservation
Mentor: Professor Roy Caldwell and Sally Fairfax

Daria Mazey, CRS/EEP
Public Transportation and Liveability in Los Angeles
Mentor: Professors Sally Fairfax and Karen Frick

Dorothy Kaslow, CRS
Air Pollutions Effect on Climate Change
Mentor: Professor Dennis Baldocchi

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