Celebrating Women at Rausser College, Past & Present

Throughout the history of the Rausser College of Natural Resources, women have contributed to its diverse and comprehensive research and discoveries, including many “firsts,” both within their respective fields and at Berkeley. In 1874, the university’s first female graduate, Rosa L. Scrivner, earned a degree in agriculture from the College of Agriculture, Rausser College's predecessor. Since that time, Rausser College has continued to champion and support the work of women scientists and thinkers. Explore a sampling of the College’s trailblazing women below and look for more features that illuminate their research as Rausser College celebrates 150 years of women at Berkeley. Learn more about the university-wide celebration at the 150 Years of Women at Berkeley website.

Note: This feature was originally published in 2018 in honor of the UC Berkeley sesquicentennial celebration . As part of the UC Berkeley celebration of 150 years of women on campus in 2020, additional women have and will continue to be added.

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