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Field Pictures

Documentation on the field sites, site logs, field instrumentation, calibration and pictures are newly available on the Biomet IntraWeb:



Time Lapse of the Wetland Restoration at Mayberry



Savanna Field Study Site

Movies from Video Camera at the Vaira and Tonzi Sites have been created for your viewing. Watch the grass grow and decompose, clouds pass and the trees leaf out and senesce over the course of a year at the following hot-links

movie_vaira_2005.wmv (0.6MB)

movie_vaira_2006.wmv (4.8MB)

movie_vaira_2007.wmv (4.6MB)

movie_vaira_2008.avi (8.8MB)

movie_vaira_2009.avi (4.6MB)

movie_tonzi_2006.wmv (5.0MB)

movie_tonzi_2007.wmv (5.1MB)

movie_tonzi_2008.avi (8.8MB)

movie_tonzi_2009.avi (8.4MB)


Oak-Grass Savanna Tower and Study Site, Winter 2005.

Tower Spring 2006

View From Tower

New Radiation Tram System

View from Tower, Winter 2001

Remote View of the Savanna Site, IKONOS Panchromatic, 1 m resolution

AVIRIS image of field site. Collected October, 2004


Three-dimensional Image of Canopy Structure with Pulsed LIDAR

Grassland Field Study Site


Remote View of the Grassland Site, IKONOS Panchromatic


Eddy Flux System

Bare Oak Tree at Edge of Field

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