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Arman Ahmadi joined the Biomet lab as a new postdoc.Arman just received his PhD from UC Davis, specializing in water use of crops based on CIMIS data. He is expert in machine learning and will bring new skills and insights to the lab. Welcome


Our Dutch Slough work was covered in a recent article in the San Jose Mercury News


and this article even got a mention in the NY Times



Chu, Housen, Danielle S. Christianson, You-Wei Cheah, Gilberto Pastorello, Fianna O’Brien, Joshua Geden, Sy-Toan Ngo, Rachel Hollowgrass, Karla Leibowitz, Norman F. Beekwilder, Megha Sandesh, Sigrid Dengel, Stephen W. Chan, André Santos, Kyle Delwiche, Koong Yi, Christin Buechner, Dennis Baldocchi, Dario Papale, Trevor F. Keenan, Sébastien C. Biraud, Deborah A. Agarwal, and Margaret S. Torn. 2023. 'AmeriFlux BASE data pipeline to support network growth and data sharing', Scientific Data, 10: 614. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41597-023-02531-2


Alternating Conditional Expectations: A Non-Parametric Statistical Method to Interpret Long-term Greenhouse Gas Flux Measurements over Natural Ecosystems. Dennis Baldocchi and Ariane Arias Ortiz, JGR Biogeoscience

How advection affects the surface energy balance and plays a role in its closure at an irrigated alfalfa field
Tianxin Wang, Joseph Alfieri, Kanishka Mallick, Ariane Arias Ortiz, Martha Anderson, Joshua Fisher, Manuela Girotto, Daphne Szutu, Joseph Verfaillie, and Dennis Baldocchi. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology


Jiangong Liu, from Columbia, gave a lab seminar on circadian rhythms in plants and how it affects CO2 fluxes. He introduced us to Shapley functions as a non parametric method to quantify isolated response functions of multivariate responses.

Jordi Vila from Wageningen stopped by to visit on his way to a workshop at UC Davis. Always fun to talk science and exchange ideas

Alex Knohl had his last day of his sabbatical in the Biomet lab. He returns to Goettingen and back to the real world.  Having Alex in the lab for nearly 3 months was inspirational to the students and postdocs; working on oil palm, deciduous forests, CO2, H2O and O2 fluxes.  We all learned a lot from Alex during his visit and look forward to future collaborations.


Our research and outreach with the Dutch Slough and Knightsen school was profiled by the Delta Council



Klinek, Lily, Jessie Au, Christopher Y. S. Wong, Troy S. Magney, and Dennis Baldocchi. 2023. 'A soil-air temperature model to determine the start of season phenology of deciduous forests', Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 341: 109638. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.agrformet.2023.109638


Robert organize the second acquisition of LIDAR data from across our delta wetland site. This is the green season

The new LICOR CO2/CH4 soil gas exchange system arrived and the team made some initial measurements at our field sites.

NKIRA has set up their novel H2O sensor at our alfalfa site. We will compare its performance with our LICOR open path NDIR.  This project is supported by a SBIR NKIRA has from DOE https://www.sbir.gov/sbirsearch/detail/2282969


The analyzers use tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy to make real-time, first-principles measurements of both parameters with no memory effects. The prototype, which measured 30 x 17 x 20 cm, weighed 2.2 kg, and used < 10 Watts, provided a precision of better than ±15 ppm and ±0.24 K (1?, 100 Hz) for gas concentration and temperature respectively with excellent linearity. 


Coupling between lateral and vertical CO2 exchange in some of the world’s key wetland types. Turner, J., Desai, A.R., Thom, J., Lindgren, K., Laudon, H., Peichl, M., Nilsson, M., Campeau, A., Järveoja, J., Hawman, P., Mishra, D.R., Smith, D., D’Acunha, B., Knox, S.H., Ng, D. Johnson, M.S., Blackstock, J., Malone, S. L., Oberbauer, S.F., Detto,M., Wickland, K.P., Forbrich, I., Weston, N., Hung, J.K.Y., Edgar, C., Euskirchen, E.S., Bret-Harte, S., Dobkowski, J., Kling, G., Kane, E.S., Badiou, P., Bogard, M., Bohrer, G., O’Halloran, T.19, Ritson, J., Arias-Ortiz, A., Baldocchi, D.,Oikawa, P., Shahan, J. Wetlands

AmeriFlux BASE data pipeline to support network growth and data sharing. Scientific Data. Housen Chu, Danielle S. Christianson, You-Wei Cheah, Gilberto Pastorello, Fianna O’Brien, Joshua Geden, Sy-Toan Ngo, Rachel Hollowgrass, Karla Leibowitz, Norman F. Beekwilder, Megha Sandesh, Sigrid Dengel, Stephen W. Chan, André Santos, Kyle Delwiche, Koong Yi, Christin Buechner1, Dennis Baldocchi, Dario Papale, Trevor F. Keenan, Sébastien C. Biraud, Deborah A. Agarwal, and Margaret S. Torn


Alex Knohl from Goettingen Univ gave a wonderful seminar to the lab on his work on carbon, N2O, CH4 and energy fluxes over oil palm plantations in Indonesia.  Also made connections to social and land use issues.  Check out his work. Lots of first rate pubs

Jose Fuentes, from Penn State, will be resident in the Biomet and D'Odorico Labs for this semester, while he is a Miller Fellow

Jiangong Liu, from Columbia and Pierre Gentine's lab, is in residence. Jiangong was a former visiting student from Hong Kong, working on methane exchange of mangrove. He is now using machine learning methods to student fluxnet data


Posted Berkeley Blog on Reflections on the Weather Mayhem of the Summer of 2023


Gave lecture on Pninciples and Fundamentals of Water for the Bearhs Environmental Leadership Program, on campus. About 30 students, early to mid career environmental managers and practiioners were in attendance from all over the world


ddb attended zoom meeting on Oak Woodland Conservation Workgroup Meeting

Fluxnet Meeting Brno, Czech Republic

Robert Shortt and Kyle Delwiche attended and gave either talks or posters

Opportunities for Pixel-Wise Footprint Analysis Using High-Resolution Drone Data
Robert Shortt (E)

Information flows to elucidate methane flux dynamics in restored wetlands. Delwiche, Kyle (kdelwiche@berkeley.edu); Bassiouni, Maoya; Baldocchi, Dennis; Keenan, Trevor University of California, Berkeley, USA)

Kanisk Mallick attended the IGARSS meeting in Pasadena and gave a presentatoin

MO1.R6.2: Putting Biology with Physics in Thermal Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Evaporation and Implications for the Future LST Missions

Kanishka Mallick, Tian Hu, Mauro Sulis, Patrik Hitzelberger, Christian Bossung, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg; Dennis Baldocchi, Tianxin Wang, Joseph Verfaillie, Daphne Szutu, University of California, Berkeley, United States; Gilles Boulet, Jean-Louis Roujean, CESBIO, France; Albert Olioso, INRAE, France; Philippe Gamet, CNES, France; Chiara Corbari, Marco Mancini, POLIMI, Italy; Hector Nieto, ICA, Spain; Nishan Bhattarai, University of Oklahoma, United States; Zoltan Szantoi, European Space Agency, Italy; Bimal Bhattacharya, Space Applications Centre, India; Glynn Hulley, Madeleine Pascolini-Campbell, Kerry Cawse-Nicholson, Simon Hook, NASA, JPL, United States

ddb attended, virtually, the national meeting of directors for the Cooperative Ecosystems Study Unit, held in West Virgina.

ddb particpated in the meeting on New Horizons in Environmental Mechanics, a Festschrift in Honour of John Finnigan, held in Boulder, CO at NCAR. He gave a presentation on Land Atmosphere Interactions

ddb particiapted in the ANR Program Council Meeting at the Southcoast research and extension center, Irvine, CA

Kaniska Mallick gave an Ameriflux Webinar on Link between flux and optical measurements



Lily Klinek, Jessie Au, Christopher YS Wong, Troy S Magney, Dennis Baldocchi A soil-air temperature model to determine the start of season phenology of deciduous forests. Agricultural Forest Meteorology, revised

Sheel Banshel et al. Practical Guide to Measuring Wetland Carbon Pools and Fluxes Wetlands, Accepted


D. Baldocchi met with legistaltive aids of Congresswomen Matsui, from Sacramento, Alia Hidayat and Adam Mc Bride, to provide scientific background about natural climate solutions, wetlands, methods of assessment etc.

Carlos Wang is mentoring Destinee Whitaker, an environmental science major, from Spelman College as part of the summer Research research program for Historically Black College and University Research Experience for Undergraduates


ddb attended the Colorado Flux Course at Nederland/Niowt Ridge, CO and lectured on the principles of eddy covariance.

Robert, Daphne and Kyle are giving a presentation to Cal EPA in San Francisco about our wetland Delta work for greenhouse gas mitigation


Ddb attended Harvard Continental Climate Workshop June 15-16, 2023 and gave a presentation on Measuring and interpreting eddy covariance flux measurements on field to landscape scales


Tianxin Carlos Wang is a coauthor on

Volk, J. M., J. L. Huntington, F. Melton, B. Minor, T. Wang, S. Anapalli, R. G. Anderson, S. Evett, A. French, R. Jasoni, N. Bambach, W. P. Kustas, J. Alfieri, J. Prueger, L. Hipps, L. McKee, S. J. Castro, M. M. Alsina, A. J. McElrone, M. Reba, B. Runkle, M. Saber, C. Sanchez, E. Tajfar, R. Allen, and M. Anderson. 2023. 'Post-processed data and graphical tools for a CONUS-wide eddy flux evapotranspiration dataset', Data in Brief, 48: 109274.


Kaniska Mallick, Ph.D, Joseph Verfaillie, Tianxin Wang, Ariane Arias Ortiz, Daphne Szutu, Robert Shortt, Tian Hu, Mauro Sulis, Zoltan Szantoi, Gilles Boulet, Joshua Fisher, Dennis Baldocchi. 2023 Enigma of Photosynthetically Active Radiation in Assessing Vegetation Index, Near- infrared Reflectance, and Productivity Variability Across Ecosystems and Climatic Gradients Remote Sensing of the Environment

Housen Chu, Danielle S. Christianson, You-Wei Cheah, Gilberto Pastorello, Fianna O’Brien, Joshua Geden, Sy-Toan Ngo, Rachel Hollowgrass, Karla Leibowitz, Norman F. Beekwilder, Megha Sandesh, Sigrid Dengel, Stephen W. Chan, André Santos, Kyle Delwiche, Koong Yi, Christin Buechner, Dennis Baldocchi, Dario Papale, Trevor F. Keenan, Sébastien C. Biraud , Deborah A. Agarwal, and Margaret S. Torn,AmeriFlux BASE data pipeline to support network growth and data sharing. Scientific Data


Sebastian Wolf, from ETH Zurich, is stopping by for his annual visit as he goes up to Sagehen field site in the Sierra and services his site

Alexander Knohl from Georg August Universitat Goettingen has arrived and will spend his summer sabbatical in the biomet lab.


The Biomet Lab is featured in the Rausser College of Natural Resources Spring Breakthroughs Magazine in its story on the Future of Water



Carlos Tianxin Wang is attending the Ameriican Meteorological Society 35th Agricultural and Forest Meteorology meeting in St Paul, MN


 Robert Shortt and ddb attended Coastal Wetlands Restoration project annual meeting at UC Santa Cruz that is funded by uc lab fees wetland project


Kyle Delwiche and DDB participated on the web meeting by SFEI on Activating science and management communities for blue carbon solutions

Kaniska Mallick attended the International Workship on High Resolution Thermal Earth Observation 2023 meeting in Rome and gave an oral presentation. Consort of Conductances: The Missing Biophysical Link in Thermal Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Evaporation and Inclusion for the Future LST Missions

Author: Mallick, Kaniska; Baldocchi, Dennis; Hu, Tian; Wang, Tianxin; Verfaillie, Joseph; Szutu, Daphne; Boulet, Gilles; Olioso, Albert; Gamet, Phillippe; Roujean, Jean-Louis; Sulis, Mauro; Hitzelberger, Patrik; Bossung, Christian; Corbari, Chiara; Mancini, Marco; Nieto, Hector; Bhattarai, Nishan; Szantoi...

D Baldocchi participated in a International Land Atmosphere Benchmarking Meeting over zoon


Nice surprise to see Prof. Youngryel Ryu drop by to visit. He was in the City for a remote sensing workshop


The Biomet lab(Daphne, Kyle, Robert and Dennis) hosted over 60 5th grade science students from Knightsen and Old River Elementary schools for a Delta Wetland field trip.  We discussed about soil and peat, carbon cycle, plants, animals, birds and insects, the geography of the delta and had sensors to measure salinty across the estuary. All lots of fun.  Tara Duggan from the Chronicle also joined us and may feature a story on the students and wetlands

 field trip and Dutch Slough was featured in the SF Chronicle

Why the Bay Area is home to one of the most effective carbon sinks in the world


we were also featured on KGO Abc news


And a 5 minute interview on KCBS


ddb gave presentation about our Hill Slough wetland and flux tower to the Suisun Marsh Spring Landowner Workshop and SRCD 60th Anniversary during a field trip to Hill Slough and Rush Ranch (4/20)

Robert and Dennis hosted Andrew Oliphants SF State bioclimatology class (20 students) at the Dutch Slough field site where we showed them the flux instruments and discussed the geography of the delta and the wetland restoration (4/22)

Robert represented the lab and gave a presentation of our work at a field trip by senior environmental managers of the state at Ducth slough..Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee


Anthony, Tyler L., Daphne J. Szutu, Joseph G. Verfaillie, Dennis D. Baldocchi, and Whendee L. Silver. 2023. 'Carbon-sink potential of continuous alfalfa agriculture lowered by short-term nitrous oxide emission events', Nature Communications, 14: 1926. 

Staff News

 Badicchi is an Environmental Sciences Leader Award for 2023 by Research.com. He is ranked 13th worldwide and 7th in the US


Joe Verfaillie led a show and tell of Berkeley Cragmont 1st and 2nd graders about meteorological/weather instruments.


Ddb gave a Masterclaass lecture on Scaling Metabolic Gas Fluxes from Leaf to Globe: A Quest Towards Estimating Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor Fluxes Everywhere, All the Time at Wageningen University.  He also received a Doctor Honoris Causa degree..  The event is on YouTube https://youtu.be/t7U0S-YtkrE

ddb gave Earth and Planetary Science, EPS colloquium seminar at Harvard on Talk Title:  Lessons Learned about the Breathing of the Biosphere, from a Californian Network of Greenhouse Gas Flux Measurement Towers


Wang, Tianxin, Joseph Verfaillie, Daphne Szutu, and Dennis Baldocchi. 2023. 'Handily measuring sensible and latent heat exchanges at a bargain: A test of the variance-Bowen ratio approach', Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 333: 109399.https://doi.org/10.1016/j.agrformet.2023.109399

Yang, Xi, Dennis Baldocchi, and Hualei Yang. 2023. 'Jianwu (Jim) Tang (1970–2023)', Nature Ecology & Evolution. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41559-023-02032-w


Collecting a new set of high resolution lidar and 4 band digital images of our wetland sites.  The drone is being implemented by ETrac and flies at about 90 m.  Told we are getting 150 hits per meter square.  This set is over the wind blown, dead tules just at the start of the growing season. Next set will be summer


Christine Martin, an environmental economic major, working in our lab gave a presentation on California Climate Indicators, Natural Climate Solutions and links to the Biometlab

Koong Yi organized the Ameriflux Webinar on Year of Remote Sensing.  Carlos Wang gave a presentation on Google Earth Engine for the Ameriflux Webinar on Remote Sensing

 Kyle, Robert, Daphne and ddb met with the science teachers (Melissa, Joshua and Lois) from Knightsen and Old River Elementary Schools to plan a field trip in April to Dutch Slough to look at peat, plants, water and wildlife.

Dennis Baldocchi, with special guest star, Josep Penuelas, spoke to the Berkeley Planty Social Club on Think like a Tree:Get out in Nature and Touch, Smell and Observe.  It was a fun experience with a group of bright and energetic plant students


Robert Shortt ,Kyle Delwiche and DDB attended the Delta Restoration Forum meeting


Josep Penuelas from CSIC in Barcelona joins the Biometlab for another week visit and discussions on science, life and the future. First chance to visit since Covid.  He gave a fascinating lab seminar on his work on whether the C cycle is saturating in a warmer world, with more CO2, N deposition, land use change, etc, etc


Posted a Berkeley Blog On Sharing Water Better in California


Was invited to join Kaiyu Guan's lab meeting at the University of Illinois and discuss results on evaporation and photosynthesis from Ameriflux and products with remote sensing models, like BESS and with NIRv


Ueyama, Masahito, Sara H. Knox, Kyle B. Delwiche, Sheel Bansal, William J. Riley, Dennis Baldocchi, Takashi Hirano, Gavin McNicol, Karina Schafer, Lisamarie Windham-Myers, Benjamin Poulter, Robert B. Jackson, Kuang-Yu Chang, Jiquen Chen, Housen Chu, Ankur R. Desai, Sébastien Gogo, Hiroki Iwata, Minseok Kang, Ivan Mammarella, Matthias Peichl, Oliver Sonnentag, Eeva-Stiina Tuittila, Youngryel Ryu, Eugénie S. Euskirchen, Mathias Göckede, Adrien Jacotot, Mats B. Nilsson, and Torsten Sachs. 2023. 'Modeled production, oxidation and transport processes of wetland methane emissions in temperate, boreal, and Arctic regions', Global Change Biology, DOI: 10.1111/gcb.16594

Volk, John M., Justin Huntington, Forrest S. Melton, Richard Allen, Martha C. Anderson, Joshua B. Fisher, Ayse Kilic, Gabriel Senay, Gregory Halverson, Kyle Knipper, Blake Minor, Christopher Pearson, Tianxin Wang, Yun Yang, Steven Evett, Andrew N. French, Richard Jasoni, and William Kustas. 2023. 'Development of a benchmark Eddy flux evapotranspiration dataset for evaluation of satellite-driven evapotranspiration models over the CONUS', Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 331: 109307. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.agrformet.2023.109307


Starting a collaboration with Mark Stacey's Fluid Lab in Civil Engineering and Henry Lindekugel, a Master's student, to evaluate and analyze velocity and volumetric flows of water in and out of Dutch Slough with our acoustic doppler profile system.

Staff News

Kyle Delwiche will be working in the biomet lab part time on the wetland project. Kyle is also working on the Fluxnet project in Trevor Keenan's lab and has led the methane synthesis project.


Sophie Ruehr, Manuela Girotto, Joseph G. Verfaillie, Dennis Baldocchi, Trevor F. Keenan. Ecosystem groundwater use enhances carbon fixation 2 and tree growth in a semi-arid oak savanna  Agricultural Forest Meteorology. special issue Amerflux after 25 years

Lily Klinek1, Jessie Au, Christopher YS Wong, Troy S Magney, Dennis Baldocchi. Analyzing the start of season phenology of North American deciduous forests with carbon flux and digital camera time series. Agricultural Forest Meteorology. special issue Amerflux after 25 years


Former postdoc, Martin Beland, from Laval University, http://digitalforestlab.ulaval.ca/, in Canada, will be in residence for 3 months during his sabbatical. Welcome Martin!

Martin gave a very insightful presentation on foliage clumping and its impact on canopy photosynthesis to the Biomet lab

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