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Amy Valach is attending a Winter School 2019: Measurement, analysis and integrated modelling of reactive gases and Aerosols exchanges between the biosphere and the atmosphere and their impacts on living organism. Paris, France


Kyle Hemes is attending CLM/CTSM tutorial conference at NCAR in Boulder.



Penuelas, J. Baldocchi, D.D. Life and the five biological laws. Lessons for global change models and sustainability. Ecological Complexity. ECOCOM_2018_146_R1.accepted for publication


Babtiste Dafflon from LBL  and  Karim 'George' Mousallay from Mirage joined us on a trip to Tonzi/Vaira to explore using geophysical methods to evaluate soil moisture fields.  They are collaborating with Mahta Moghaddam from USC who is looking at radar and SMAP to assess soil moisture fields.

A recent story in EOS documents some of the work by collaborative groups studying soil moisture around Tonzi Ranch



Anderson, M; Diak, G; Gao F; Knipper K; Hain C; Eichelmann E; Hemes K, Baldocchi D, Kustas, W, Yang, Y. Impact of Insolation Data Source on Remote Sensing Retrievals of Evapotranspiration over the California Delta. Remote Sensing. 11(3): 216. https://doi.org/10.3390/rs11030216

Kyle Seewald Hemes; Samuel D Chamberlain, Elke Eichelmann, Tyler Anthony; Amy Valach,  Kuno Kasak,  Daphne Szutu, M.S.; Joseph Verfaillie; Whendee L Silver; Dennis D Baldocchi, Assessing the carbon and climate benefit of restoring degraded agricultural peat soils to managed wetlands, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 268: 202-214.

Ryu, Y., J. A. Berry, and D. D. Baldocchi. 2019. What is global photosynthesis? History, uncertainties and opportunities. Remote Sensing of Environment 223:95-114. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rse.2019.01.016


Staff News

Camillo Rey-Sanchez joined the Biomet Lab as a new postdoc. Camillo just received his PhD from The Ohio State University, working with Gil Bohrer in environmental engineering. Camillo is from Columbia.


Robinson Negron-Juarez from LBL stopped to visit about measuring carbon fluxes in the tropics and Brazil

Jiangong Liu, from Hong Kong University, will be a visiting student in residence during spring semester.  He comes from Derrick Lai's lab  and is working on methane exchange from mangroves.

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