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ESPM 111


ESPM 111 Ecosystem Ecology Lecture Notes

Dennis Baldocchi


University of California, Berkeley

Spring, 2014, co-taught with Whendee Silver


Principles of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology

FS Chapin, PA Matson, P Vitousek


Lecture Notes
Ecosystem concepts
Ecosystem Scaling/Chaos, part 1
Ecosystem Scaling/Chaos, part 2
Climate and atmosphere
Ecosystem-climate Interactions
Ecosystem structure and function
Water and ecohydrology
Principles of the carbon cycle
Ecophysiology of leaves
Production and carbon balance of plant stands
Remote sensing of ecosystem ecology, on towards global ecology
Ecosystem dynamics
Ecosystem development during primary and secondary succession
Case study oak savanna
Landscape patterns in ecosystem structure and function: Resource gradients
Modeling as an integrative ecosystem tool
Global climate change

Ecosystems and environmental change part I

Effects of Temperature, CO 2, precipitation, O 3 on ecosystem function and vegetation dynamics

Ecosystems and environmental change part II

Shifts in ecosystem function and vegetation dynamics


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