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ESPM 111



ESPM 111 Ecosystem Ecology Lecture Notes

Dennis Baldocchi


University of California, Berkeley

Spring, 2021,

v Sept 28, 2021 

Lecture Notes
Ecosystems of the World, part 1  
Ecosystems of the World, part 2  
Traits, Structure and Function, part 1  
Traits, Structure and Function, part 2  
Soil Ecology Microbiology  
Soils Physical Properties  
Soil Formation ClORPT  
Soil Chemistry and Nutrition  
 Energy, part  1 Metabolism  
 Energy, part 2 Ecosystem Energetics  
 Weather and Climate  
 Water Ecohydrology, part  1, Concepts + Principles   
 Water Ecohydrology, part  2, Leaves  
 Water Ecohydrology, part 3, Plants and Ecosystems   
 Carbon Cycle, part 1, Global  
 Carbon Cycle, part 2, Ecophysiology of Leaves  
 Carbon Cycle, part 3, Environmental Response of Leaves  
 Carbon Cycle, part 4, Soil + Ecosystem Respiration  
 Carbon Cycle, part 5 Ecosystem Productivity  
 Ecosystem Dynamics  
 Ecosystem Succession  
 Ecosystem Scaling, part 1  
 Ecosystem Scaling, part 2  
Landscape Patterns  
 Global Ecology and Remote Sensing  
 Ecosystems and Global Change, part 1  
 Ecosystems and Global Change, part 2  
 Ecosystems and Global Change, part 3  





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