Visitors since

Current Personnel

Kanishka Mallick

Kanishka Mallick   
Luxembourg Institute of Technology

Visiting Scholar

July-December 2022, March-August 2023

International Mobility Research Fellow (FNR-Luxembourg)

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology


Joe Verfaillie

Joe Verfaillie   [email]
B.S. UC San Diego

Developmental Lab Technician

Daphne Szutu

Daphne Szutu   [email]
M.S. University of Arizona

Developmental Lab Technician

Robert Shortt

Robert Shortt   [email]
B.S. San Francisco State University

Ph.D. Candidate

Fall 2018 to present

Tianxin Carlos Wang

Tianxin Carlos Wang   [email]
B.S. Cal State Monterey

Ph.D. Candidate

August 2020 to present

Koong Yi

Koong Yi   
Ph.D. University of Indiana

Postdoctoral Scientist

Sept 2021 to present

Ameriflux Year of Water Postdoc

Kyle Delwiche

Kyle Delwiche   [email]

Postdoctoral Scientist


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