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Current Personnel

Joe Verfaillie

Joe Verfaillie   [email]
B.S. UC San Diego

Developmental Lab Technician

Siyan Ma

Siyan Ma   [email]
Ph.D. University of Toledo

Research Specialist

Savanna/Grassland Project, Measuring and analyzing long term carbon, water and energy fluxes over a savanna and grassland.

107 Hilgard; 510-642-2421


Kyle Hemes

Kyle Hemes   [email]
B.S. Colorado College

Ph.D. Candidate

Fall 2015 to present

Working on Delta greenhouse gas project

Daphne Szutu

Daphne Szutu   [email]
M.S. University of Arizona

Developmental Lab Technician

Ana Andreu Mendez

Ana Andreu Mendez   [email]
Ph.D. Agriculture and Fisheries Research Institute of Andalusia (IFAPA), Cordoba

Postdoctoral Scientist

Marie Curie Fellow

Jan 2018 to present

Spanish research fellow from Cordoba, focusing on partitioning water fluxes from the soil and vegetation of savannas

Ana was here previously as a Postdoctoral Scholar


Alex Valach

Alex Valach   [email]
Ph.D. Lancaster University

Postdoctoral Scientist

Feb 2018 to present

Working on the Delta greenhouse gas project

Kuno Kasak

Kuno Kasak   [email]
Ph.D. University of Tartu

Postdoctoral Scientist

Baltic-American Freedom Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow

July 2018 to present

Working on greenhouse gas emissions (N2O, CH4, CO2) from the Delta

Robert Shortt

Robert Shortt   [email]
BS, San Francisco State University

Ph.D. Student

Fall 2018 to present

Camilo Rey-Sanchez

Camilo Rey-Sanchez   [email]
Ph.D. The Ohio State University

Postdoctoral Scientist

Jan 2019 to present

Postdoc on the Delta Greenhouse Gas Project

Jiangong Liu

Jiangong Liu   
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Visiting Student

Jan to May, 2019

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