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Field Sites

US-Bi1Bouldin Alfalfa - Active
Alfalfa field on the east side of Bouldin Island
2016-08-12 to present
US-Bi2Bouldin Corn - Active
Corn field in the south of Bouldin Island near the pump station.
2017-04-26 to present
US-Tw2DWR Corn - Retired
CO2, H20 and energy flux with micro-met site in a corn field one year before conversion to a wetland.
2012-05-21 to 2013-11-25
US-Tw4East End - Active
Tower near the location of the old DWR Corn tower, but now in the new East End wetland.
2013-11-25 to present
US-Tw5East Pond - Active
Tower in East Pilot Pond for water level manipulation experiment
2018-04-17 to present
US-MybMayberry - Active
A site on restored wetland on the property of Mayberry Farms on Sherman Island. This is part of a Califonia Department of Water Resources and Ducks Ulimited project.
2010-10-14 to present
US-SnfSherman Barn - Active
A cow pasture site near the old asparagus packing barn on southeast Sherman Island. This site also has and automated soil chamber system for N2O from Whendee Silver's lab.
2018-07-11 to present
US-SndSherman Island - Retired
Sherman Island is in the Sacramento/San Joaquin River delta.
2007-04-05 to 2015-05-07
US-SneSherman Wetland - Active
Restored wetland on the same site as the original Sherman Island (SI) site. The new tower is bout 80m north west of the original site due to a pond at the original site.
2016-05-24 to present
US-Tw3Twitchell Alfalfa - Retired
Alfalfa site on Twitchell island. Part of the DWR GHG market project.
2013-05-24 to present
US-TwtTwitchell Rice - Retired
A CH4, CO2, and energy eddy covariance and micro-met tower at new rice fields on Twitchell Island.
2009-04-03 to 2017-04-04
US-TonTonzi - Active
The field site is located on the eastern side of the Sacramento Valley in the lower foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The field site is located near Ione, CA on the property of Mr. Russel Tonzi. The site is a grazed oak/grass woodland. The landscape has been managed, as the local ranchers have removed brush and cattle graze the herbs. The main grass and herb species include bromus, frescue, oat, medusa head, rose clover. This an annual and seasonal grassland. The active growing season is between November and May.
2000-01-01 to present
US-VarVaira - Active
Vaira Ranch annual grassland
2000-10-22 to present
US-Tw1West Pond - Active
CO2/CH4 flux tower located on in the northeastern corner of the west USGS pilot pond on Twitchell Island.
2012-04-24 to present
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