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Field Sites

US-Bi1Bouldin alfalfa
Alfalfa on east Bouldin Island
US-Bi2Bouldin Corn
Corn field in South Bouldin Island
US-MybMayberry Wetland
Wetland restored in 2010
US-SndSherman Island
Cow pasture on peat soils
US-SneSherman Wetland
New wetland at the old cow pasture site
US-TonTonzi Ranch
Deciduous oak savannah
US-Tw1Twitchell Wetland West Pond
Wetland restored in 2000
US-Tw2Twitchell Corn
Corn / Construction on peat soils
US-Tw3Twitchell Alfalfa
Long term alfalfa cropland
US-Tw4Twitchell East End Wetland
Reconstructed wetland on old corn field
US-TwtTwitchell Island Rice
Rice on peat soils begun 2009
US-VarVaira Ranch- Ione
Annual grassland
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