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Educational Tools

Biometeorological Software
Developed In-House

Windows-based Leaf Energy Balance Model (executable)

C Code for coupled Leaf Photosynthesis Energy Balance Model

Dispersion Matrix C Code

C Code CANOAK Version 2

Coupled ET-PBL code (Penman-Monteith, Quadratic and Isothermal Radiation Solutions)

Matlab Code for Eddy Covariance Spectral Transfer Function (main: TransferFunctionMoore.m; subroutines: Spectra_Detto.m; transfer_matrix_Detto.m

Matlab Code for Leaf Photosynthesis (main: Photosynthesis.m; subroutine: LeafPs.m)

Software of Colleagues

Daisy World CourseWare

Windows Intuitive Model Of Vegetation response to Atmospheric & Climate change, WIMOVAC

Soil Water Properties, Hydraulic Properies Calculator

Tools for Agrometeorology

 Classic Papers in Biometeorology


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