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Site: Bouldin alfalfa

Drained peat and subsided soils. Corn before alfalfa. Alfalfa is 3 years old

Ameriflux BADM Site Info

Last field site visit: more fieldnotes

2020-06-01 00:00:00 A-Ci curves

Equipment installed at the site: more details
Arable Weather Station Mark I
Arable Weather Station Mark II
Campbell Sci. Multiplexer AM16/32B
Campbell Sci. Multiplexer AM25T
Campbell Sci. Data Logger CR1000
Campbell Sci. Soil Moisture Probe CS655
Decagon-METER Narrow Band SRS-Ni NDVI
Decagon-METER Narrow Band SRS-Pi PRI
Decagon-METER Narrow Band SRS-Pr PRI
Delta-T Soil Moisture Probe ML3
Fabricated Battery Bank BB-Fab
Forerunner-Eosense Forced Diffusion eosFD
Gill Anemometer WM 1590
Hukseflux Heat Flux Plate HFP01
Hukseflux Net Radiometer NR01
Kipp & Zonen PAR Sensor PAR-LITE
Kipp & Zonen PAR Sensor PQS 1
Licor Gas Analyzer LI-7500A
Licor Interface LI-7550
Licor Gas Analyzer LI-7700
StarDot Camera SD130BN
Texas Electronics Precipitation TE525MM
Vaisala RH & Temp HMP45AC

Data Streams:

BA_met Micromet data from the Bouldin Alfalfa site recorded by a CR1000 as 30min averages of 10sec samples.
BA_flux 30min averages of high frequency flux data from Licor GHG files
BA_cam Digital number data from Pheoncamera at Bouldin Alfalfa
BA_arable Hourly met data from an Arable Mark device. Raw times are in UTC, hourly averages with the time at the beginning of the averaging period beginning 20190401 changed to 30min data PST at end of averaging period. - stored in PST at end of averaging period.
BA_fd Soil respiration data at BA from the second generation Forced Diffusion chamber from Eosense. The raw data is collected at 5min intervals and averaged to 30min values. The chamber is located under the tower. Alfalfa was removed from inside the chamber.
BA_processed Fluxes and derived values from Level 1 processing
BA_processed3 Gap filling and partitioned data from Level 3 processing

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