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Site: Mayberry Wetland

The Mayberry Wetland site is a 300-acre restored wetland on Sherman Island, north of Mayberry Slough, that is on the property of Mayberry Farms and managed by the California Department of Water Resources and Ducks Unlimited. During Summer 2010, the site was restored from a pepperweed and annual grassland pasture to a wetland through a project managed by Bryan Brock (bpbrock@water.ca.gov). A flux tower equipped to analyze energy, H2O, CO2, and CH4 fluxes was installed on October 14, 2010. At the time of installation, flooding of the site had only recently begun after extensive reconstruction of the wetland bathymetry conducted during the summer. The site is a patchwork of deep and shallow open water. Few tules and cattails remained upon initial wetland construction but quickly colonized the shallow areas. Vegetation patches have since steadily expanded. As of summer 2013 the site is approximately 50/50 open water vs. vegetation.

Ameriflux BADM Site Info

Last field site visit: more fieldnotes

2018-11-28 10:30:00 Regular data collection/cleaning, collected miniDOT, collected water samples, re-attached power junction box to scaffolding

Equipment installed at the site: more details
Campbell Sci. Multiplexer AM16/32B
Campbell Sci. Multiplexer AM25T
Campbell Sci. Data Logger CR1000
Campbell Sci. Water Level CS451
Campbell Sci. Conductivity Sensor CS547A
Decagon-METER Narrow Band SRS-Ni NDVI
Fabricated Battery Bank BB-Fab
Forerunner-Eosense CO2 probe GP-001
Gill Anemometer WM 1590
Hukseflux Net Radiometer NR01
Kipp & Zonen Net Radiometer NR-LITE
Kipp & Zonen PAR Sensor PAR-LITE
Licor Gas Analyzer LI-7500A
Licor Interface LI-7550
Licor Gas Analyzer LI-7700
PME DO Sensor miniDOT
Texas Electronics Precipitation TR-5251
Turner Designs Fluorometer 2300-000
Vaisala CO2 Transmitter GMB220
Vaisala RH & Temp HMP45A
Vaisala Barometer PTB110

Data Streams:

MB_flux 30 minute averages of the 10Hz data recorded on the CR1000 for flux calculations.
MB_met Met data from the Mayberry Wetland began on 10/26/2010.
MB_tule Temperature, radiation and heat flux from tules and open water.
MB_pflux test
MB_pmet Water temperature and conductivity from the portable tower locations
MB_cam RGB digital number data extracted from autocam photos from four photos from 13:25 to 14:45
MB_minidot Data from miniDOT dissolved oxygen sensors. 1min readings combined and averaged in post processing.

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