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Site: Sherman Island

The Sherman Island site is a 38-ha peatland pasture, west of the Delta, that is owned by the state and managed by the California Department of Water Resources. The site is degraded and heavily grazed with ~100 cattle in the area that circumscribes the main field and fetch. The island has been drained and farmed since the late 1800s. The soils of the Delta overlay deep peat that was sequestered over the Holocene period as sea-level rose and flooding of archaic wetlands prevented decomposition of roots and stems. Hence, the upper 10 m of peatland has been lost to decomposition, compaction, and subsidence. Today a mineral soil overlays a peat layer, which coincides with the general depth of the water table.

Ameriflux BADM Site Info

Last field site visit: more fieldnotes

2015-05-12 09:00:00 Final field notes - the site has been removed

Equipment installed at the site: more details
Campbell Sci. Multiplexer AM16/32B
Campbell Sci. Multiplexer AM25T
Campbell Sci. Data Logger CR1000
Campbell Sci. Data Logger CR10X
Campbell Sci. Water Level CS450
Campbell Sci. Water Level CS451
Campbell Sci. Conductivity Sensor CS547A
Campbell Sci. Interface NL115
Decagon-METER Narrow Band SRS-Ni NDVI
Decagon-METER Narrow Band SRS-Pi PRI
Decagon-METER Narrow Band SRS-Pr PRI
Delta-T Soil Moisture Probe ML2x
Dynamax Soil Moisture Probe ML2x
Fabricated Battery Bank BB-Fab
Forerunner-Eosense CO2 Probe GP-001
Gill Anemometer WM 1590
Hukseflux Heat Flux Plate HFP01
Hukseflux Net Radiometer NR01
Kipp & Zonen PAR Sensor PQS 1
Licor Gas Analyzer LI-7500A
Licor Interface LI-7550
Licor Gas Analyzer LI-7700
PME DO Sensor miniDOT-usb
StarDot Camera SD130BN
Texas Electronics Precipitation TE525MM
Vaisala CO2 probe GMT221
Vaisala RH & Temp HMP45AC
Vaisala Barometer PTB110

Data Streams:

SI_flx 30 minute averages of the high speed data channels recorded by the CR1000.
SI_soilco2 Soil CO2 from Vaisala GMP220 probes and collected on a CR23X in 30 minute averages.
SI_mp Data from the Sherman Island Moisture Point probes.
SI_cam Digital number data from Sherman Island webcam/autocamera

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