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Site: Twitchell Alfalfa (US-Tw3)

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Last field site visit: more fieldnotes

2018-06-13 09:00:00 Decommissioning of the site. Everything was removed from the field.

Equipment installed at the site: more details
Dynamax Soil Moisture Probe ML2x
Fabricated LED sensor LED-NDVI
Hukseflux Heat Flux Plate HFP01

Data Streams:

TA_met 30 minute average soil temperature, soil moisture, soil heat flux, air temp, RH and pressure.
TA_flux 30 minute averages of the 10Hz raw flux data.
TA_rad 30 min average PAR in and reflected, SW in and reflected, LW in and reflected, LED NDVI
TA_fd Soil respiration data from the second generation Forced Diffusion chamber from Eosense. The raw data is collected at 5min intervals and averaged to 30min values.
TA_soilco2 Soil CO2 data from Vaisala probes in gradients and forced diffusion chamber.
TA_cam RGB digital number data extracted from autocam photos from four photos from 13:25 to 14:45
TA_arable Data from Arable Mark device. Raw times are in UTC, hourly averages with the time at the beginning of the averaging period beginning 2019-04-01 30min averages PST at the end of the averaging period - stored in PST at end of averaging period.
TA_processed Fluxes and derived values from Level 1 processing
TA_processed3 Gap filling and partitioned data from Level 3 processing

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