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Site: Twitchell East End Wetland

The Twitchell East End Wetland is a newly constructed restored wetland on Twitchell Island, CA. This site and the surrounding region are part of the San Joaquin - Sacramento River Delta drained beginning in the 1850's and subsequently used for agriculture. The site was previously a corn field. The wetland was designed to have a mix of vegetated and open water channels and ponds (due to surface elevation differences). Flooding of the wetland was done gradually beginning in January, 2014. Berms wind throughout the wetland to allow vehicle access. Tule and Cattail plant material from a nearby wetland were spread along the berms immediately prior to flooding to facilitate plant establishment and stabilization of the berms from wind/water erosion. The tower was installed on November 25, 2013.

Ameriflux BADM Site Info

Last field site visit: more fieldnotes

2019-01-03 13:20:00 Regular data collection/cleaning, removed eosGP CO2 sensor

Equipment installed at the site: more details
Campbell Sci. Multiplexer AM16/32B
Campbell Sci. Multiplexer AM25T
Campbell Sci. Data Logger CR1000
Campbell Sci. Data Logger CR10X
Campbell Sci. Water Level CS451
Decagon-METER Narrow Band SRS-Ni NDVI
Fabricated Battery Bank BB-Fab
Gill Anemometer WM 1590
Hukseflux Heat Flux Plate HFP01
Hukseflux Net Radiometer NR01
Kipp & Zonen PAR Sensor PAR-LITE
Kipp & Zonen PAR Sensor PQS 1
Licor Gas Analyzer LI-7500A
Licor Interface LI-7550
Licor Gas Analyzer LI-7700
PME DO Sensor miniDOT
StarDot Camera SD130BN
Texas Electronics Precipitation TR-525M
Vaisala RH & Temp HMP60
Vaisala Barometer PTB110

Data Streams:

EE_flux 30 minute averages of the 20Hz flux data
EE_cam Digital number data from the autocam imagery
EE_t1flux Eddy flux from temporary tower T1 at the open water site at East End. Originally on the levee at 38.109522, -121.636071, but moved about 60m south to the location below after the first month.
EE_t2met Met data from Temporary tower 2 in and area with a largely closed canopy of cattails
EE_t2flux 30min averages of the 20Hz flux data from the Temporary Tower in an area with a closed canopy of cattails
EE_t3met Met data from East End Temporary Tower 3 on the first boardwalk to the south of the permanent tower.
EE_t3flux 30min averages of the 10Hz flux data from the East End Temporary Tower #3 on the first boardwalk south of the permanent tower.
EE_minidot Dissolved oxygen from the minidot sensor from different locations
BC_cam Digital number data from Pheoncamera at Bouldin Alfalfa

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