Predissertation Fellows

Matthew Albrecht

Ohio University
Developing a non-timber forest products sector in the Appalachian Ohio economy through experimental and participatory research with local growers
Research Site: Appalachian counties of Ohio

Advisor: Brian McCarthy - Ohio University

Albrecht Final Report (pdf)

Brinda Sarathy

University of California - Berkeley
Hidden in the Understory- Migrant Workers and Community-Based Forestry
Research site: Plumas County , California

Advisor: Jeff Romm, University of California - Berkeley

Sarathy Final Report (pdf)

Masters Fellows

Vanessa Casanova

Auburn University
Migrant Workers and Forest Industries in Alabama : A Study of Social Capital and Networks
Research site: Alabama

Advisor: Josh McDaniel, Auburn University
Community Partner: Gus Townes, National Network of Forest Practioners

Casanova Final Report (pdf)

Curt Gervich

University of Vermont
Community Social Networks and Support for Rural, Resource-based Markets
Research site: Bristol , Addison County , Vermont

Advisor: Patricia Stokowski, University of Vermont
Community Partner: Evan Goldsmith, Vermont Forum on Sprawl

Gervich Final Report (pdf)

Don Hankins

University of California, Davis
Aboriginal Management of Riparian Environments in Central California
Research site: Central California

Advisor: Deborah Elliot-Fisk, University of California, Davis
Community Partner: Kathy Wallace, California Indian Basketweavers Association

Hankins Final Report (pdf)

Dissertation Fellows

Heidi Ballard

University of California , Berkeley
Sustainability and Management of a Non-Timber Forest Product: Participatory Research on the Impacts of Harvesting Intensity on Salal Gaultheria shallon in Mason County , Washington
Research site: Mason County, Washington

Advisor: Louise Fortmann, UC Berkeley
Community Partner: Don Collins, NW Research & Harvesters Association

Ballard Final Report (pdf)

John Isom

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Past is not Prologue: History and Community-Based Ecosystem Management in the Mattole River Valley , Northwestern California
Research site: Mattole River Valley , Northwestern California

Advisor: Thomas Vale, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Community Partner: Chris Larson, Mattole Restoration Council

Isom Final Report (pdf)

Elizabeth McCance

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Adaptive Management and Learning How to Manage Natural Resources in Chicago
Research site: Chicago , Illinois

Advisor: Steven Yaffee, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Community Partner: John Rogner, Chicago Region Biodiversity Council

McCance Final Report (pdf)

Mary Sisock

University of Wisconsin- Madison
Private Forest Landowners: Communication Networks and Local Cross-Boundary Cooperation
Research site: Wisconsin

Advisor: Raymond Guries, University of Wisconsin- Madison
Community Partner: Alan Haney, Wisconsin Family Forests


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