Chad Allen

Florida State University, Department of Geography
Biodiversity Conservation and Socioeconomic Conflict: Saving Jobs and the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker

Liberty County, Florida

Advisor: Daniel Klooster, Florida State University
Community Partner: The Nature Conservancy

Allen Research Summary (pdf)

Meghan Wilson

Alaska Pacific University, Environmental Science
Exploring relationships between local stakeholders and Chugach National Forest Managers: A participatory Action Case Study
Moose Pass, Alaska

Advisor: Erik Nielsen, Alaska Pacific University
Community Partner: Rick Smeriglio, Moose Pass Sportsman's Club

Wilson Research Summary (pdf)


Gabriel Cumming

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Department of Ecology
Debating the Future of a Forest Community: Land-use Discourses in Macon County, NC

Final Report (pdf)

Vanessa Mazal

University of Washington, Department of Anthropology
Water Planning Processes in Acequia Watersheds in Northern New Mexico: a Participatory Institutional Ethnography
Northern New Mexico

Mazal Research Summary (pdf)


Damayanti Banerjee

University of Wisconsin – Madison, Department of Sociology &
Rural Sociology
Between the Rivers: Reconstructing Natural and Social Histories of Stuggle, Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky

Advisor: Michael Bell, University of Wisconsin
Community Partner: David Nickell, Between the Rivers

Banerjee Research Summary (pdf)

Sharon Baskind

Rutgers University, Department of Anthropology
Scenic Landscapes and Conservation Easements: Common Interest in Private Lands in San Juan County, WA
Sharon was a pre-dissertation fellow in 2004.

Advisor: David Hughes, Rutgers University
Community Partner: Jennifer Vollmer, Orcas Island Historical Museum

Baskind Research Summary (pdf)

Vanessa Casanova

Auburn University, School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences
Rural Livelihoods and Commodity Chains: An Analysis of Pine Straw in a Southeast Georgia Community
Toombs County, GA
Vanessa was a master’s fellow in 2002.

Advisor: Conner Bailey, Auburn University
Community Partner: Andrea Cruz, Southeast Georgia Community Project

Casanova Research Summary (pdf)

David Correia

University of Kentucky, Department of Geography
Making the forest a factory: the nature of sustained yield forestry in New Mexico
El Rito, New Mexico

Advisor: Tad Mutersbaugh, University of Kentucky
Community Partner: Isaac Suazo, Las Comunidades

Correia Research Summary (pdf)

Susannah McCandless

Clark University, Graduate School of Geography
Building Community Equity in the Forests of Vermont
Addison County, VT

Advisor: Dianne Rochleau, Clark University
Community Partner: Shaula White, Vermont Migrant Education

McCandless Research Summary (pdf)

Beth Rose Middleton

UC Berkeley, Environmental Science and Policy Management
“We were here, we are here, we will always be here:” Steps to a Political Ecology of Identity in a Contemporary Mountain Maidu Community
Plumas County, CA
Beth Rose was a pre-dissertation fellow in 2004.

Advisor: Louise Fortmann, UC Berkeley
Community Partner: Trina Cunningham, Maidu Cultural & Development Group

Middleton Research Summary (pdf)



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