Predissertation Fellows

Eliza Darling

Program in Anthropology City University of New York
Blue Collar in the Blue Line: Class and Conservation in the Adirondack Park
Research site: New York state

Advisor: Neil Smith, Rutgers

Darling Final Report (pdf)

Jennifer Sokolove

Environmental Science, Policy and Management University of California, Berkeley
Comparison of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition and the Kootenai Community Trust
Research site: Montana

Advisor: Nancy Lee Peluso, UC Berkeley

Sokolove Final Report (pdf)

Masters Fellows

Astrid Jirka

International and Intercultural Management School for International Training Brattleboro, VT internship/field work based at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Finger Lakes National Forest Community Impact Study: Community Perceptions Regarding Land Acquisition and Compensation
Research site: New York state

Advisor: Larry Fisher, Cornell
Community Partner: Martha Twarkins, US Forest Service

Nick Martin

Energy and Resources Group University of California, Berkeley
Zuni Tribal Conservation and Management of its Forest Resources
Research site: New Mexico

Advisor: Keith Gilless, UC Berkeley
Community Partner: James E. Enote, Zuni Pueblo

Martin Final Report (pdf)

Dissertation Fellows

Jake Kosek

Department of Geography University of California , Berkeley
Making Places, Staking Claims: Conflicts Over Property, Identity, and Meaning in the Forests of Northern New Mexico

Advisor: Michael Watts, UC Berkeley
Community Partner: Max Cordova, Los Seite

Nancy Menning

Department of Forest Ecology and Management University of Wisconsin-Madison
Religious Influences on Forest Practices in Three Southwestern (U.S. ) Communities
Research site: Arizona , New Mexico

Advisor: Donald Field, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Community Partner: Amber Hill, Little Colorado

Kurt Spreyer

Environmental Science, Policy and Management University of California, Berkeley
The Floral Greens Industry in Transition: Property, Labor and Ethnicity in Washington 's Olympic Peninsula
Research site: Washington state

Advisor: Nancy Peluso, UC Berkeley
Community Partner: Shandra Fitzpatrick, Mason County community


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