ASUC Sustainability Commission

Annie Mitchell and Lucy Swanson
Spring 2022

This semester we partnered with the ASUC LEAD Center as Sustainability Commission Co-Chairs. Our community partnership aimed to promote student leadership and institutionalize environmental justice both on campus and in the broader Bay Area. We worked on three primary projects this semester: 1) Ethical Eats is a restaurant sustainability rating project that aims to help local businesses make sustainable transitions, 2) Environmental Justice and Education was a collaboration with ASUC President Chaka Tellem’s office where we went to local schools and taught an environmental justice and food systems curriculum, and 3) Sunstock Solar-Powered Music Festival where we worked with campus organizations to promote renewable energy to host a concert on campus to make this information accessible and engaging. We learned so much about how to collaborate with like-minded peers with varying interests in the sustainability field and worked hard to create productive teamwork that includes everyone’s input both within STeam and throughout campus.