Gill Tract Community Farm

Erin Dougherty
Spring 2022

During this past semester, I worked at the Gill Tract Community Farm in Albany, CA. The farm is a grassroots effort of protesting the development of the land. This protest was started in 2012 and today the land provides a bounty for the farmers and the local community they serve. The mission of the group is to work toward food sovereignty and regenerative agroecologies that center on socially and economically marginalized people. I worked on the land every week and assisted with the Education and Events working group. My main project was co-hosting the B’Earth Day Festival, a celebration of both the farm’s 10th anniversary and Earth Day! I learned enormous amounts of information about agroecology in practice and responsible stewardship of the land. I also experienced the power and beauty of community and will take these lessons with me through the rest of my life.