Filipino Farming Cooperative

Joshua Bernaldo
Spring 2022

“Know History, Know Self. No History, No Self.” – José Rizal

This semester, I partnered with the Filipino Farming Cooperative (FFC) as a student shadow for a grant writing course in order to secure funding for their operations. They are one of the last, if not the last, Filipino farming communities in the United States. Additionally, I had the opportunity to integrate with the Manangs (an Ilokano term of respect) and volunteer at the farm in Orosi, CA. I was so impacted by my first trip that I organized a separte visit during Spring Break with my partner and our friends! I walked out of this experience with a greater insight into the lives of rural communities and smaller farms as well as a deeper understanding of the histories that come with being Filipino-American in the diaspora.

FFC is still welcoming donations! If you feel inclined to support Filipino farmers please venmo them @FilipinoCSA.