Berkeley Unified School District

Viviana Lademan
Spring 2022

This semester I had the opportunity to volunteer with BUSD through Washington Elementary’s gardening program. I learned a plethora of things related to garden maintenance and how to inspire future generations to have a healthy relationship with the foods they eat. A day at this site includes a combination of tending to the garden and hosting one class in the afternoon. My supervisor taught me about what plants to grow together, how to handle diseases or pests, composting, and weeding. She was a wonderful mentor who always answered my questions with care and included me in the entire garden’s process. During classes, I engaged with the kids by helping with supplies, assisting where needed, or exploring the garden together. My supervisor would check in with me after the classes to answer any questions I might have. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to assist the school community. The experience has been incredibly meaningful to me and has inspired me to pursue similar work in the future.