Pluto’s Status Upgraded

With the imminent arrival of the NASA’s New Horizons space probe, public interest in our solar systems furthest “planet” has peaked. For decades, following the 1930 discovery of the planet Pluto, school children have made whimsical paper mache models of our solar system with nine planets. That all changed in 2006 when the  International Astronomical […]

Demotivational: Microscopes

Always use your microscope sideways! It was designed with the focus, condenser, and stage positioning knobs parallel to the way your hands work, so unless you want carpal tunnel . . . . Damn it feels good to be a Gangsta! Click to Embiggen! Fair Use Disclaimer: This site may contain copyrighted material, the use […]

Majority of Newborn Babies suffer from Bipolar Affective Disorder

Berkeley, CA – A recent study, published by the University, found that a surprisingly large percentage of babies, apparently, suffer from undiagnosed Bipolar Affective Disorder and that the numbers are even higher in newborns. The neurological condition, formerly known as manic depression, is characterized by periods of excitability and mania followed by deep depression. In […]

Science Fair Winners Disappointed By Lack Of Volcano Research Projects

Berkeley, CA – Three hundred junior high and high school science fair winners visited the University this week to learn about career opportunities in science. The students represented a broad cross section of schools from across the country and included mostly 8th-10th graders. The head of the University’s STEM outreach and education effort, Dr. Barb […]

Scientists Propose “Healthy” Soda Serving Sizes

Ingrid and Jakki with new “healthy-sized” sodas. A report out today from the University proposes new healthier portion sizes for sweetened and carbonated beverages. The new recommendations are based on evidence that humans rarely encountered such carbohydrate-dense foods in evolution and our bodies were just not designed for such a “wicked sugar rush”. Citing well […]

Demotivational: Contaminated Vial

We think you can guess how the rubber septum got contaminated since she’s not wearing gloves. No properly trained worker would ever hold this type of vial in this way. Crimp top vials are also supposed to have an aluminum seal on their top that protects them from all that touchy touchy. Click to Rebigify! […]

What Kind of a Climate Change Denier are You? Take Our Quiz!


Molecular Biologists Unearth Race of Skeleton People

Berkeley, CA – A team of researchers from the University disclosed today that they have discovered what they believe to be a previously undescribed branch in the evolutionary tree that may, “revolutionize how we understand science and even the origins of life itself”. At a hastily organized news conference the project leader, Dr. Kai S. […]

5 Interview Tips for Getting an Internship in a Research Lab!

So you’ve landed the science job of your dreams…well at least an interview for an internship in a research lab that has an opening…now don’t blow it! Here are our five top tips for making the best impression! Avoid pointing out that the whole place has a weird background hum. Most science labs have some […]

Demotivational: Old School Science

Click image to Embiggen! To be fair, this is well know image taken on 9/15/1911 from Scott’s Antarctic Expedition that you can obtain from Getty Images. But, you know, he is puffing on a pipe while working in a chemistry lab so . . . yea, old school. Fair Use Disclaimer: This site may contain […]