Majority of Newborn Babies suffer from Bipolar Affective Disorder


Berkeley, CA – A recent study, published by the University, found that a surprisingly large percentage of babies, apparently, suffer from undiagnosed Bipolar Affective Disorder and that the numbers are even higher in newborns.

The neurological condition, formerly known as manic depression, is characterized by periods of excitability and mania followed by deep depression. In the study, a large majority of the participants, regardless of sex or race, exhibited wild emotional swings and odd behaviors. “One moment they were crying hysterically, the next they’re babbling and cooing incoherently,” noted Dr. Amanda Lynn, lead author of the study. She added, “they were all over the place emotionally”.

The study found that 89% of babies aged 3 to 12 months and 97% of the infants tested were at times moody, poorly motivated, and had difficulty completing even the simplest tasks followed by periods of giddiness, inattention, and nervous distraction; all classic symptoms of BAD according to Dr. Lynn.

Even considering socioeconomic factors, Dr. Lynn’s team found that babies were, in turns, laughing hysterically and crying inconsolably, and most of them had difficulty sleeping through the night. “We noticed rapid shifts between high and low periods, characteristic of mixed bipolar episodes,” and added emphatically that, “they couldn’t be left alone as most of them were clearly a danger to themselves.”

The study recommended a wait and see approach to treatment but noted that with such pronounced symptoms, at such an early age, the babies were at risk of being diagnosed with ADHD as they grow up.



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