Tips & tricks for Karuk Tribe Citizen Science Tool

  • If you want to use the app offline (e.g., in the forest), you need to use the Survey123 app. The Survey123 app allows you to save your observations in the “outbox” when you’re offline, and then submit them when you get back online. There is no cost.
  • Location: you can choose to either share the location of the observation or to keep all data private so that only you see it (see privacy note below); alternatively, you can drag the location to a neutral point, e.g. to the KDNR building or off-shore in ocean
  • Follow the prompts to fill out information on plant, wildlife, fish, climate/weather, hydrology and/or cultural use quality
  • Choose privacy/security/confidentiality settings to determine who can see your observation information: Just you, KDNR staff, other App users, or the public (Note: no location data will ever be shared with the general public).
  • To collect information offline, save the point to the “Outbox” and when you’re back in service to into the Output and submit the observations (Important – no one will see your observations until you submit them)
  • To provide feedback or suggestions for improvement to the KDNR Citizen Science Tool App manager, please enter comments in the last question at the end of the form
  • For troubleshooting support, please contact the KDNR Citizen Science Tool App manager, Christopher Weinstein at: