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Topics & Readings


 Fisheries (Lectures 1 and 2) 2011

Introductory Lectures on Open Access on Mathematical Subjects  (lec 1 and 2 2014)

Fisheries Lecture 2014

1.  Open Access: The simple models in detail

2.  The optimal version of the same fishery. 

3.  Regulating open access in theory and practice.

Lecture in pptx is here  [superceded, see lecture above]

Zip file for matlab code for Bjorndal-Conrad Simulation is here

Fisheries slides:  extensions, other models ,etc


Chapter 9.  Hanley, Shogren White. or Chapter 17 Perman

*Bjorndal, T. and Conrad, J.  The Dynamics of an Open Access Fishery.  Canadian Journal of Economics.  20(1987):74-85

*Grafton RQ, Squires D, Fox KJ "Private property and economic efficiency: A study of a common-pool resource" JOURNAL OF LAW & ECONOMICS 43 (2): 679-713 OCT 2000

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*Homans FR, Wilen JE "A model of regulated open access resource use" JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT 32 (1): 1-21 JAN 1997

Martin D. SmithCorresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The Corresponding Author, a and James E. Wilen   Economic impacts of marine reserves: the importance of spatial behavior JEEM   Volume 46, Issue 2, September 2003, Pages 183-206 doi:10.1016/S0095-0696(03)00024-X  

Costello, C.  and Kaffine D.  Unitization of spatially connected renewable resources. NBER w 16338 2010.



Other papers:

BERCK,P.,AND G. JOHNS (1991): “Estimating Structural Resource Models when Stock is Uncertain: Theory and an Application to Pacifc Halibut,” in Stochastic Models and Option Values , ed. by D. Lund, and B. Oksendal. North Holland, Amsterdam. (not online, available in the Bus&Econ HG4515.2 .S76 1991)

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Open Access and Private Ownership--The simple models in detail

Conservation of Species and Extinction  (Lectures 2 and 3)

Fishery and Extinction Lecture   [superceded, see above.]

Older Conservation Lecture 

*P. Berck.  “Open Access and Extinction.”  Econometrica, No. 47 (1979), pp. 877-882.

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Other papers.

Livingston MJ, Carlson GA, Fackler PL "Managing resistance evolution in two pests to two toxins with refugia" AMERICAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS 86 (1): 1-13 FEB 2004

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Ando, AW "Do interest groups compete? An application to endangered species" PUBLIC CHOICE 114 (1-2): 137-159 JAN 2003

Targeting lands for conservation  Lecture

Crost on Livingston Refugia  [in 2014]


 Forestry   lecture 4 and 5 in 2010

Lecture notes on forest economics [updated, 2014]

Notes on Linear Programming [handwritten and succint]

*P. Berck“The Economics of Timber:  A Renewable Resource in the Long Run.”  Bell Journal of Economics, Vol. 10, No. 2 (Autumn, 1979), pp. 447-461.

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Multiple Use Sustained Yield Act  [the act, short and worth reading]

Lecture notes on forest planning/historyLegal and political framework for forestry in US. [not in 2014]

Hotelling Models and Tests

(only tangentially covered in 2014)

*Anderson, Kellogg, Salant.  Hotelling Under Pressure.  (The Keg tapping problem)-- Matt Woerman's Slides

Hotelling.  The Economics of Exhaustible Resources. JPE 1931  Original Hotelling Model

Berck and Bentley.  Hotellings Theory, Enhancement, and the Taking of the Redwood National Park.  AJAE 1997

Berck and Roberts Natural Resource Prices will they ever turn up?  JEEM 1996 

Miller and Upton.  A Test of the Hotelling Valuation Principle  Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 93, No. 1 (Feb., 1985), pp. 1-25

Bio fuels as a backstop.  Does a Renewable Fuel Standard...  Loes's slides

Classical Environmental Economics (5-8) (ended 11/16)

Overview Lecture  

Berck and Helfand's review of theory 

R. Coase "The Problem of Social Cost,"  Journal of Law and Economics Vol. 3. (Oct., 1960), pp. 1-44.

NYT magazine  April 4, 2004  "Changing all the rules" by Bruce Barcott.  Section 6; Column 1; Magazine Desk; Pg. 38 (New Source Performance Standards)

New Source Review Ruling

Advertising, Reputation...Barrage et al.  Deirde's notes

Carson's summary of the Environmental Kuznets Curve 


Environmental Kuznets Curve: Searching for Empirical Regularity and Theoretical Structure”

Carson, Richard T. (Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 2010)

W. David Montgomery, "Markets in Licenses and Efficient Pollution Control Programs,"  Journal of Economic Theory 5(1972):395-418.

Economywide Effects of Regulation, Double Dividend  Lecture 9  (11/18/2010)

P.A. Diamond and J. Mirrlees.  Optimal Taxation  AER March 1971   Part I   &    Part II

Lecture Notes on Diamond & Mirrless (DM)

Lecture Notes on Goulder et al and Fullerton.

Musings on the double dividend. (pb)

A. Lans Bovenberg; Lawrence H. Goulder Optimal Environmental Taxation in the Presence of Other Taxes: General- Equilibrium Analyses ,  The American Economic Review, Vol. 86, No. 4. (Sep., 1996), pp. 985-1000

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Fullerton, Don and Metcalf, Gilbert E., Environmental Taxes and the Double-Dividend Hypothesis: Did You Really Expect Something for Nothing? National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper: 6199 September 1997; 36

Berck, P. and Hess, P.  Assessing the Economic Impact of Large Scale Environmental Regulations in California

Powerpoint presentation on Statewide Effects of Transport Policy

Effects of Climate on Agriculture

Adaptation to Temperature (Xie et al)

Nonlinear temperature effects indicate severe damages to US crop yields under climate change

W Schlenker, MJ Roberts - Proceedings of the National …, 2009 - National Acad Sciences

Identifying Supply and Demand Elasticities of Agricultural Commodities: Implications for the US Ethanol Mandate

MJ Roberts, W Schlenkera - The American Economic Review, 2013 -

Incorporating Climate Uncertainty into Estimates of Climate Change Impacts

M Burke, J Dykema, DB Lobell, E Miguel… - Review of Economics …, 2014 - MIT Press

[PDF] The economic impacts of climate change: evidence from agricultural output and random fluctuations in weather

O Deschenes, M Greenstone - The American Economic Review, 2007 - JSTOR

(see also the comment and reply: 

The economic impacts of climate change: evidence from agricultural output and random fluctuations in weather: comment

AC Fisher, WM Hanemann, MJ Roberts… - … American Economic …, 2012 -

DICE Integrated Assessment Models start here: 

Forthcoming paper by Christian Traeger on an Analytic Integrated Assessment Paper (ask Christian for now)

Environmental Regulation under Uncertainty and Mechanisms  (lecture 10)

Prices vs. Q. lecture

 Marty Weitzman, "Landing fees vs harvest quotas with uncertain fish stocks", JEEM 43(2) 2002. 

*M.L. Weitzman,   "Prices vs Quantities"  The Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 41, No. 4. (Oct., 1974), pp. 477-491.

Hanley, Shogren, White.  p 91 et seq. 

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Evan Kwerel "To Tell the Truth: Imperfect Information and Optimal Pollution Control" The Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 44, No. 3. (Oct., 1977), pp. 595-601

Slides for To Tell the Truth

David P. Baron, "Regulation of Prices and Pollution under Incomplete Information,"  Journal of Public Economics Volume 28, Issue 2 , November 1985, Pages 211-231

Economics of Monitoring  (0.5 lectures)  (Lecture 10)


*Devon Garvie and Andrew Keeler.  Incomplete enforcement with endogenous regulatory choice  J. o f Public Econ. vol 55 no 1. 1994. pp. 141-162

(sorry, link is only to journal--link to article not stable.)

Millock, Sunding Zilberman.  "Regulating Pollution with Endogenous Monitoring."  JEEM 44 221-241 (2002)

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Carol A. Jones, "Standard Setting With Incomplete Enforcement Revisitied,"  Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 8(1990):72-87 (not online, available in the Law Lib KF450.P8 J68)


Garbage and Recycling (Lecture 11)

Lecture notes on garbage

Lecture notes California recycling

Kinnaman,-Thomas-C; Fullerton,-Don "The Economics of Residential Solid Waste Management" National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper: 7326 August 1999; 31

Fullerton, Don and Woverton, Ann.  "Two Generalizations of a Deposit Refund Systems" National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper: 7505 Jaunary 2000

Kinnaman,-Thomas-C and Fullerton,-Don "Garbage and Recycling with Endogenous Local Policy" Journal of Urban Economics. November 2000; 48(3): 419-42

*P. Berck, et al.  California Recyling Study

Bohm.  Deposit Refund Systems.  by Johns Hopkins/Resources for the Future. (not online, available in the Main HC79.E5 .B63) Agricultural Pollution--Manure.

*Roe,-Brian; Irwin,-Elena-G and Sharp,-Jeff-S "Pigs in Space: Modeling the Spatial Structure of Hog Production in Traditional and Nontraditional Production Regions" American Journal of Agricultural Economics. May 2002; 84(2): 259-78

Innes,-Robert "The Economics of Livestock Waste and Its Regulation" American Journal of Agricultural Economics. February 2000; 82(1): 97-117

*Livingston "The Manure hits the Land."  AJAE forthcoming (it will be available here as soon as it is out)

Peter's lecture notes on manure

Pollution from Automobiles. (Lecture 12)


Lecture notes on autos

Links and Abstracts for Papers on Cars, Gasoline, and Pollution

*Winston Harrington and Virginia D. McConnell "Motor Vehicles and the Environment" April 2003 | Executive Summary

*Kling,-Catherine-L Emission "Trading vs. Rigid Regulations in the Control of Vehicle Emissions" Land Economics. May 1994; 70(2): 174-88

Rubin,-Jonathan and Kling,-Catherine, "An Emission Saved Is an Emission Earned: An Empirical Study of Emission Banking for Light-Duty Vehicle Manufacturers" Journal of Environmental Economics and Management November 1993; 25(3): 257-74

Fullerton,-Don and West,-Sarah-E "Tax and Subsidy Combinations for the Control of Car Pollution" National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper: 7774 July 2000; 29

and a small selection of demand for gasoline:

William C. Wheaton.  "The Long-Run Structure of Transportation and Gasoline Demand"  Bell Journal of Economics.  13(1982)2:439-454

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Molly  Espey.   "Gasoline Demand Revisited:  an international meta analysis of elasticities."   The Energy Journal 20(1998) 273-295  (via science direct)

Hughes, Knittel, Sperling.  "Evidence of a shift in the Short-Run Price Elasticity of Gasoline Demand"  Energy Journal vol 29 #1 2008

Parry, Ian, and Ken Small.  "Does the US or Britain have the Right Gas Tax."  American Economic Review Vol. 95 # 4.  (in

Bento, et al.  Distributional and Efficiency Impacts of Increased Gasoline Prices  (working paper)

and just because I like it:

Kenneth Train.  "Discount Rates in Consumers' Energy-Related Decisions:  A Review of the Literature.  Energy Journal 12(10) 1985:1243-1253 (if you use Google you will find an online copy.)


Green Accounting and Sustainability:  Lecture 13



Also see the extensive bibliography by Pfaff and Stavins.