Fun day exploring the Delta! Megan is getting ready to start fieldwork in restored and relict tidal wetlands
Preparing dispersal traps to start a flow intermittency – recolonization experiment in Pinnacles National Park (Fall 2019)
Kyle and Guillermo at SNARL — picking bugs for stable isotope analysis
Kyle and Gabby at SNARL. Deploying water quality sensors and emergence traps!
Stephanie Carlson, Mike Bogan, and Albert at Pinnacles National Park
Testing the waters– Chalone Creek, Pinnacles National Park
Kyle’s climate change experiment at the artificial channels of the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Lab
The Ruhi Lab in Spring 2019 — All hands on deck!

Kyle and Guillermo visiting the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Lab (SNARL)
Stanley is creating a photo collection of benthic invertebrates!
Pinnacles National Park, Spring 2019
Who doesn’t love wavelets? (Albert surely does)
The lab is fully renovated and ready to go – Fall 2018
Xavier Benito-Granell, visiting Postdoctoral Fellow from SESYNC
Freshwater labs BBQ – Spring 2018
Freshwater labs ‘staycation’