Past Lectures

  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Fall 2016. Our Environmental Destiny
  • America's Two Best Ideas—Public Education and Public Lands, Spring 2015
  • Jared Diamond. The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies? Spring 2014
  • What's Next for the Food Movement? A Conversation with Kathleen Merrigan and Michael Pollan, Fall 2013
  • Sylvia Earle: The Quest for Sustainable Seas, Spring 2013
  • California Forever: The Future of Our State Parks. Film screening and panel discussion, Fall 2012.
  • Michael Pollan, Karen Ross, Ken Cook, Ken Hecht, Gordon Rausser (moderator), Spring 2012. The U.S. Farm Bill: What’s at Stake?
  • Bill McKibben, 2011. Global and Local: Dispatches from the Climate Fight
  • Chris Johns, 2010. Water: Our Thirsty World
  • Sally Jewell, 2009. Can business be the solution and not the problem?
  • Greg Moore, 2009. Shared Places, Shared Purpose: Connecting Communities Through Conservation
  • Marc L. Kesselman 2007. Judging Forestry: Courts, the Constitution, Competence and Conservation
  • Governor James Geringer 2007. From the Farm to the Front Office: Sustainability with a Sense of Place
  • Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth 2006. In the Spirit of Earth Day: Connecting People to the Land
  • Janine Benyus 2006. Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature
  • Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth 2003. National Forest Management: Great Issues and Great Diversions
  • Mike Dombeck. 2001. The BIG TEN Public Land Conservation Challenges For a New Century: Where do we go from here?
  • Carl Pope. 2000. Common Ground in the New Millennium.
  • Thadis W. Box. 1995. Private Property Rights and Sustainable Rangeland Use.
  • Susanna Hecht. 1993. Of Fates, Forests and Futures: Myths, Epistemes, and Policy in Tropical Conservation.
  • Jack Ward Thomas. 1992. Forest Management Approaches on the Public's Lands: Turmoil and Transition.
  • Anne H. Ehrlich and Paul R. Ehrlich. 1991. Peace Will Give Us a Chance.
  • Henry J. Vaux. 1989. California Wildland Conservation: Unities and Conflicts.
  • Esther Gulick, Catherine Kerr, and Sylvia McLaughlin. 1988. Saving San Francisco Bay: Past, Present, and Future.
  • Marion Clawson. 1987. Achieving Agreement on Natural Resource Use.
  • Norman Myers. 1986. Tackling Mass Extinction of Species: A Great Creative Challenge.
  • Ellis B. Cowling. 1985. Pollutants in the Air and Acids in the Rain: Influences on our Natural Environment and a Challenge for Every Industrial Society.
  • Michael Frome. 1984. The Twentieth Anniversary of the Wilderness Act: Still in Pursuit of the Promised Land.
  • Hazel Henderson. 1982. Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: The Politics and Ethics of the Solar Age.
  • David Brower. 1981. Conservation and National Security.
  • Thomas L. Kimball. 1981. Wildlife: The Real Test of Environmental Quality.
  • John R. McGuire. 1981. The Outlook for the National Forests.
  • Robert Cahn. 1980. The Conservation Challenge of the Eighties.
  • Kenneth F.S. King. 1979. The Utilization of Land in Developing Economies.
  • Joseph L. Sax. 1978. Recreation Policy on the Federal Lands.
  • Raymond F. Dasmann. 1976. The Threatened World of Nature.
  • Ansel Adams. 1975. The Role of the artist in Conservation.
  • Kai Curry-Lindahl. 1974. The Global Role of National Parks for the World of Tomorrow
  • Barry Commoner. 1973. Ecology and Social Action.
  • William T. Pecora. 1972. Geologic Base Line for Conservation Philosophy.
  • Joseph L. Fisher. 1971. Conservation as Research, Policy, and Action.
  • Rene Dubos. 1970. The Genius of the Place.
  • Ian McHarg. 1969. Multiply and Subdue the Earth.
  • Ian McTaggart Cowan. 1968. Wilderness-Concept, Function, and Management.
  • Russel E. Train, 1967. The Role of Foundations & Universities in Conservation.
  • Stephen H. Spurr. 1966. Wilderness Management.
  • Harold G. Wilm. 1965. Patterns for Action: Water and Recreation Resources.
  • E. Max Nicholson. 1964. Conservation and the Next Renaissance.
  • Stewart L. Udall. 1963. The Conservation Challenge of the Sixties.
  • Marston Bates. 1962. The Human Environment.
  • Horace M. Albright. 1961. Great American Conservationists.