College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Declaring a Major

Changing Majors

  • Complete the Petition to Change Major if you are simply changing from one major to another.
  • Complete the Petition to Change from Double Major/Simultaneous Degrees to Single Major if you are dropping one major.
  • Complete the Program Planning Form, which is the first page of the petition.
  • Meet with the undergraduate staff advisor for the major you wish to declare and review your petition and program plan.
  • IMPORTANT: Your new undergraduate staff advisor's signature must be on the petition.
  • Submit the petition and form to the Office of Instruction and Student Affairs in 260 Mulford Hall.
  • Keep a copy of the petition and form for your records.
  • Within four to six weeks, check BearFacts to be sure that your application has been approved.

Double Majoring

To double major is to pursue two bachelor's degree programs offered by CNR at the same time (ie, CRS and EEP).

How to Declare a Double Major in CNR

How to Change a Double Major to a Single Major

If you are currently double majoring and would like to drop one of your majors, use the Change a Simultaneous Degree or Double Major back to a Single Major. Fill out the form and submit it to the Office of Instruction and Student Affairs.

Simultaneous Degrees

Pursuing simultaneous degrees is to declare one major in CNR and another major in a different UC Berkeley College (ie, CRS and English).

Please be aware that other colleges may have unit caps that will force you to graduate once they are reached - careful planning is needed in order to earn simultaneous degrees while avoiding forced graduation.

How to Declare Simultaneous Degrees

  • Consult with your "home" college for appropriate forms, procedures, and deadlines.
  • Consult with undergraduate staff advisors about major requirements and college requirements.
  • Fill out the entire CNR Petition to Declare Simultaneous Degrees if CNR is your home college. Please note that you may not declare simultaneous degrees during your last semester before graduation.
  • Obtain approval and signatures from each department in which you are declaring a major. Note: It is your responsibility to make certain that each form and planner has both undergraduate staff advisors' signatures by submitting the petition to the CNR College Advisor in 260 Mulford Hall.
  • After reviewing and approving your petition, the CNR College Advisor will forward your petition to the Dean's Office of the second college or school for the appropriate signature (no action required on your part).
  • Within four to six weeks, check BearFacts to be sure that your application has been approved.