Rausser College Center for Undergraduate Students

The Office of Instruction and Student Affairs (OISA) coordinates academic advising for Rausser's four departments and eleven undergraduate majors. It also sets college-wide policy for all Rausser students and handles issues related to student status.

Rausser College has its own set of policies and procedures. In some cases, these requirements differ from other colleges, so check with the Office of Instruction and Student Affairs if you have questions.

Come to us with questions you have about specific requirements as you navigate your way to a degree.

The Student Resource Center is also located in 260 Mulford Hall.

Mission Statement

The Office of Instruction & Student Affairs provides supportive, individualized advising to prospective and current undergraduates in the University of California, Berkeley Rausser College of Natural Resources. Our staff are committed to attracting outstanding, diverse students and to helping them achieve their academic and career goals.

We carry out our mission through:

  • Strategic outreach efforts that use individual contact, printed materials, and web resources to introduce the unique benefits of the College to prospective students;
  • Advising services, community building activities, and academic development programs that enrich students' undergraduate experience; and
  • Personal attention from dedicated, professional student affairs staff.

We serve as the central student services resource for undergraduates in the Rausser College of Natural Resources. We advise students, oversee College requirements and graduation, review petitions, and host College-wide student activities such as summer orientations for new students, Welcome Day, and Commencement. We can also help you with a multitude of other questions you might have as you pursue your education, including: