About the CNR Undergraduate PAL Program

The Peer Advising Leadership (PAL) Program of CNR strives to offer personal viewpoints and experiences to current and prospective CNR students. These students are trained in understanding CNR and University requirements, policies, and procedures, and they help with CNR recruitment and enrichment programs. Their work is integral to the success of their fellow CNR undergraduates.

If you wish to contact a peer advisor, visit the Student Resource Center at 260 Mulford, or send an email.

Spring 2017 PAL Office Hours

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Interested in Becoming a CNR PAL?

Are you passionate about your major and CNR?  Do you want to help students find their path and build community within CNR? If you replied yes, apply to become a peer advisor for CNR! It’s a great opportunity to  work with staff advisors and learn about the different majors and departments.  We are now looking for new peer advisors for the 201​7​-201​8​ academic year!  We encourage all​ majors and​ years to apply.  PAL Applications are due March 10, 2017​, at 4pm! Click here for the Application.  Please submit your applications to 260 Mulford between 8-12pm & 1-5pm, Monday through Friday, or email cnrteaching@berkeley.edu with the attachment. 

If you would like to hear more about the program,y​​ou​ can also stop by the PAL advising window during our office hours, email PALs at cnrpal@gmail.com or talk to your academic advisor for more information!

Check out our Student Ambassadors (SALs) too!

The newly established Student Ambassador Leader (SAL) program aims to raise awareness and knowledge of the programs that CNR offers in prospective and newly admitted students. Our goal is to offer peer advising to help students through the admission process and transition into the university and especially in the CNR community. In doing so we hope to guide these students to be at a place of their passions and where they will have the chance to succeed. 


2016-2017 PALs

Nutritional Sciences - Physiology & Metabolism

Hi!! I’m Jennifer, a third year student majoring in Nutritional Sciences with an emphasis in Physiology and Metabolism. Food is my life. I enjoy cooking, devouring fresh, nutritious homemade food, and trying out some new and quirky Berkeley cafe and restaurants. I am currently an officer for the Food Science and Tech @: Cal, and am exploring different health related fields like optometry and pharmacy. So, if you have any questions about classes, cafes, or anything, come to my office hours to ask me more about it!

Nutritional Sciences - Dietetics

Hi! My name is Kristin and I’m a fourth year student majoring in Nutritional Science with an emphasis in Dietetics. In my free time, I love to cook, bike, play the violin, crochet, or listen to music. Here at Cal, I work as a campus tour guide, so come by my office hours and ask me about interesting Cal facts! I’m also a big foodie and am always open to trying new eateries around Berkeley, so feel free to come talk to me or join me on some food adventures. I look forward to meeting you all and go bears!


Environmental Science

Hi! I'm a second year from Philadelphia majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Chinese. I'm currently interested in how the environment and business intersect but I also love hiking, traveling,
and figuring out new ways to use sweet potatoes in cooking. I'm here to talk about whatever you like, from semester schedules to out-of-state student woes to recent movies - come on by!

Molecular Environmental Biology

Hello there! My name is Shiran and I'm a second year Molecular Environmental Biology major, attempting a simultaneous degree in Geography. I'm an international student from Panama City, Panama, so if you're an international student too definitely drop by so we can talk about how much we miss food from home (the struggle is real, y'all). I love all things science, but favor ecology. My interests include the ocean, the tropics, travel, exploring, and living things that could easily kill you. Come by to talk about anything and everything and we can figure out this whole college thing together. See you soon!

Society and Environment

Environmental Sciences

Hey! My name is Russell, and I'm a fourth year double majoring in Society and Environment with a concentration in U.S. Environmental Policy and Management, and Environmental Sciences with a social science concentration. I am very interested in all topics around sustainability and the environment, especially focusing on how humans interact with and influence the natural world. Environmental advocacy is my passion, but I couldn't function without my sports. If you're interested in a tennis buddy, someone to pass a volleyball with, or joining the Cal Gymnastics Club, definitely hit me up! Other interests include fantasy/sci-fi books, anime, good food, and just getting to experience new things in my life, whether that be places, people, or activities. Come and chat about anything at my office hours, be it academic or not!

Molecular Environmental Biology

 I'm a fourth year MEB major with a concentration in Environment & Human Health. I was born in Seoul, South Korea and spent lot of my years living in South Pasadena, California. My all-time favorite activities include riding roller coasters in amusement parks, going to concerts (specifically piano concertos, pop, and K-Pop), and traveling whether it is by myself or with friends. I have always taken summer classes at Cal, but I spent my last summer working as an intern at a cancer research center. Drop by my office hour if you have any questions regarding classes, majoring in MEB, scheduling, or finding extracurricular activities-- including research, volunteering, and internships-- on and off campus. Hope to see you soon! 

Molecular Environmental Biology

Hi! I’m Susannah, a fourth year Molecular Environmental Biology major with a concentration in ecology as well as a GIST minor. I love cooking, baking, knitting, hanging with friends, drinking tea, collecting funny greeting cards, and taking care of my plethora of plant pets. My interests in and outside of school are always changing because I love trying new things. Come chat with me about anything and everything! 

Conservation and Resource Studies

HELLO FRIENDS! I'm Kaitlyn and I am a second year Conservation and Resource Studies major with Environmental Policy and Management and Public Policy minor! I am from the most wonderful city of sunny San Diego, California and don't you tell me otherwise! But I LOVE it here at Berkeley and am enthusiastic about all the things UC Berkeley, CNR, and the Bay area have to offer! Come talk to me about Southern California, running, outdoors things, cool food spots, and anything environmental studies, policy, or law related! Or come simply to talk if you need an opinion or someone to listen because I LOVE meeting new friends! PLEASE come on by and say hello!

Forestry and Natural Resources

Heyo! I'm a third year forestry and natural resources major. I'm super into plants and ecology so if you want a long chat about how cool plants are, I'm your gal! On my free time you can probably find me somewhere on campus chilling in a hammock or sitting down somewhere sketching a tree. Come by my office hours for chill and serious talks! 


Conservation and Resource Studies

Hey! My name is Mary and I am a third year Conservation and Resource Studies major, Forestry and Natural Resources minor, and big fan of CNR. When I’m not keeping up to date about forest ecology or land management practices, I like to dance, write for the SERC blog, read poetry, and hang out in the library. Come talk to me about things I have experience in, like Forestry camp, Mo’orea, URAP, and giggling at inappropriate times, or just stop by and tell me about your day!


Microbial Biology

Hey! I'm Adrienne and I'm a third year Microbial Biology major - Host-Pathogen emphasis. I'm a Bay Area native interested in a multitude of things from cooking, exploring the Bay, concerts as well as research. I also love working with animals and checking out different places in Berkeley. Come up to Mulford if you need advice on what classes to take, need help finding biology related resources, or just general company! 

Environmental Economics & Policy


Hey everyone, I'm Ben. I'm a third year studying forestry and EEP. I come from the beautiful redwood forest up in Humboldt County and I love backpacking and climbing! It took me leaving the redwoods behind for me to discover my passion for the forest, so feel free to come to talk about which major is right for you! 

Genetics and Plant Biology

Hey, I’m Jackson and I’m a fourth year Genetics and Plant Biology major. I love plants, hiking and playing soccer with friends. I just got back from Berlin and (like all study abroad students) would love to talk to you about it. I also have two years of experience as an undergraduate researcher, have held down a job on campus and have helped to raise wolf pups. Questions on the above or life in general? Come down to my office hours and I promise answers to all*. 

*answers not guaranteed to be on topic, but I'll do my best


Nutritional Sciences - Physiology/Metabolism

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I’m a second year Nutritional Sciences major, physiology and metabolism track. If you are pre-health, feel free to approach me and chat since I plan to go to optometry school. I was born in California, lived in China for nine years, and moved to Arizona in fourth grade. I am passionate about exploring different aspects of Chinese culture such as traditional Chinese medicine. In my free time, I paint colorful things and explore new recipes and restaurants with friends. I love to travel and learn about different cultures, especially through food. Can’t wait to meet you!


For more information, talk with current peer advisors during drop-in hours or email us at cnrpal@gmail.com