About the CNR Undergraduate Peer Advising (PAL) Program

The Peer Advising Leadership (PAL) Program of CNR strives to offer personal viewpoints and experiences to current and prospective CNR students. These students are trained in understanding CNR and University requirements, policies, and procedures, and they help with CNR recruitment and enrichment programs. Their work is integral to the success of their fellow CNR undergraduates.

If you wish to contact a peer advisor, visit the Student Resource Center at 260 Mulford, or send an email.

Spring 2019 Peer Advising Hours

Want to find out more about certain courses? Click here for a list of classes the PALs have taken! 

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If you would like to hear more about the program, you can also stop by the PAL advising window during our office hours, email PALs at pal@berkeley.edu or talk to your academic advisor for more information!

Check out our Student Ambassadors (SALs) too!

The newly established Student Ambassador Leader (SAL) program aims to raise awareness and knowledge of the programs that CNR offers in prospective and newly admitted students. Our goal is to offer peer advising to help students through the admission process and transition into the university and especially in the CNR community. In doing so we hope to guide these students to be at a place of their passions and where they will have the chance to succeed. 

2018-2019 PALs


For more information, talk with current peer advisors during drop-in hours or email us at pal@berkeley.edu