College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Undergraduate Majors

What's the difference between a major and a department?

At Berkeley, an undergraduate major is the area of study in which you get your degree. Your particular major may require courses offered by several different departments within CNR or across UC Berkeley. You will want to get to know your major advisor, who is very familiar with the requirements you will need to meet to earn your degree and will help you navigate through your undergraduate career.

Departments are the administrative units that sponsor majors, schedule courses, and process paperwork.

Not sure what department sponsors your major? Check out the guide below.

Major Sponsoring Department
Conservation and Resource Studies Environmental Science, Policy & Management
Environmental Economics and Policy Agricultural and Resource Economics
Environmental Sciences Jointly sponsored by CNR and the College of Letters and Science
Forestry and Natural Resources Environmental Science, Policy & Management
Genetics and Plant Biology Plant & Microbial Biology
Microbial Biology Plant & Microbial Biology
Molecular Environmental Biology Environmental Science, Policy & Management
Nutritional Science (all tracks)
Nutritional Science & Toxicology
Society and Environment Environmental Science, Policy & Management