The Food Systems minor, hosted by the Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management (ESPM) at the Rausser College of Natural Resources, is an interdisciplinary program of study that explores the role of food within the environment and society.  Drawing from diverse fields as far ranging as ecology, sociology, the humanities, nutrition, history, and economics, the food systems minor critically examines issues of contemporary food and agriculture from a whole-systems perspective.

Students are required to take 5 courses to complete the minor, one of which is the required community engagement course, "Experiential Learning Through Engagement in Food Systems" (ESPM 197). Students will ideally complete this course in their junior or senior year, allowing them to bring together what they have learned in classes in a real-world setting. 

Students who complete the minor will gain a broad and interdisciplinary understanding of critical themes and concepts related to the social, political, economic, environmental, cultural, nutritional, and public health issues of contemporary food and agriculture systems both domestically and internationally.

If you intend to declare the Food Systems Minor, please complete the Food Systems Minor Interest Form.  By completing the Interest Form, you will receive emails, updates, and deadlines regarding the minor. 

Food Systems Minor Requirements

Learn About Experiential Learning Through Engagement in Food Systems

Minor Advisor:
Katie Owensby
260 Mulford Hall
University of California 
Berkeley, CA 94720-3100
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