Summer Minor in Sustainable Business and Policy

U.C. Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics Summer Minor in Sustainable Business and Policy equips students with the essential tools for driving business and social change in the 21st Century.

With the backing of two of the world’s leading academic programs in business and environmental leadership, you will gain a broad understanding of the skills needed for careers in business or government focused on sustainable business and policy. Students develop economic and business skills and gain an understanding of government laws and policies. The program offers an applied approach to studying business and regulatory challenges, and the critical sustainability challenges facing firms operating in a global economy over the next century.


The Summer Minor in Sustainable Business and Policy is open to U.C. Berkeley undergraduates who will receive a Minor in Sustainable Business and Policy upon successful completion of the program. It is approved for all Berkeley undergraduate students. 

Why Earn a Minor in Sustainable Business and Policy

This program will provide you with the skills to address some of the most challenging problems facing businesses, government agencies, and society. Almost every aspect of our economy and society more generally is affected by sustainability challenges. Whether you are interested in business, government service, nonprofit agencies, education, or most other careers, this program will help you demonstrate your abilities to address complex problems. It will help you open the door to these careers and graduate programs.

Program Overview: Courses

The minor requires successfully completing five of the following six courses:

The principal mode of course delivery is in-person on the U.C. Berkeley campus. However, some portions of each course may be delivered asynchronously, with work completed outside of regular class hours.

How to Enroll

For enrollment information, please visit Berkeley Summer Sessions. Please note that our courses are offered in various summer sessions and enrollment deadlines vary. The program can be completed in one or more summers. Please look at the individual courses for a description of the prerequisites, if any. Please visit the Rausser College of Natural Resources and Haas School of Business for additional summer course options.

If instruction has begun and you have not yet been added to the course because you are on a waitlist, it is recommended you attend class while you wait for official enrollment.

Registration Deadlines

Summer Session registration deadlines can be found on the Summer Session website.

Registration for U.C. Berkeley students

  1. UC Berkeley Students can enroll in these courses through CalCentral in early February.
  2. Students should file the Minor Declaration Form during the semester before the term they plan to graduate. 

If You Want to Take Only Individual Courses

U.C. Berkeley students who do not choose to complete the Minor in Sustainable Business and Policy but who wish to take individual summer courses may enroll through Cal Central without completing the above forms. Visiting students are also welcome to enroll in these classes and can learn more about how to enroll at Berkeley Summer Sessions.

U.C. Berkeley students may contact the Minor in Sustainable Business and Policy advisors William Hughes (RCNR, and (Haas, for advising support.

Scholarships and Fees

If you are enrolled in the minor, you may be eligible for a $1,500 scholarship if you:

  • Are currently enrolled as a U.C. Berkeley student
  • Complete the academic requirements of the minor in one or two consecutive summers.
  • Receive a grade point average of 2.0 or higher in all courses comprising the minor and complete all courses before graduation

For more information, please visit Berkeley Summer Sessions Fees and Berkeley Summer Aid .