Food for Climate League

Food for Climate League - Idealist

Alejandra S. Marquez
Fall 2020

Food for Climate League (FCL) is a 501c3 nonprofit seeking to identify the most effective ways to communicate around food and climate in order to make sustainable eating inviting and relevant for all people. FCL’s goal is to democratize sustainable eating— to help people feel in control of their health, connected to the community, and empowered to change the world, all through climate-beneficial eating habits. I worked with them as Grant Writing and Brand Development lead, through which I’ve built FCL’s funding and social media strategies, and helped communicate our impact as an organization. FCL is a unique organization because we focus on the ways in which climate-smart eating is tied with people’s core needs of control, community and purpose— we aim to show that sustainable foods nourish both human and planetary well-being, and in doing so, we will drive demand for plant-forward, biodiverse, and nutritious foods. 

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