Real Good Greens

William Brinkerhoff
Spring 2021

For the past semester, I’ve worked with Real Good Greens, a small business that was founded in 2020 to increase accessibility to high-quality local produce for families in the Bay Area. Helene, the founder, saw a huge imbalance in supply and demand when restaurants closed in April 2020, leaving farms without any outlets for their bounty. She began curating a weekly box of local fruits and veggies from her favorite local farms and selling them to Bay Area eaters, offering to deliver to doorstep. Since then, she’s coined the phrase ‘Farm to Doorstep’ to describe the company’s mission and has continued to increase the accessibility of locally farmed produce in the Bay Area. Throughout this process, I’ve learned that there is an important balance between producer, distributor, and consumer that can make small farms economically viable for everyone involved. I’m very grateful for the time I’ve been able to spend connecting Bay Area folks with their local farmers and will continue celebrating local food & its dedicated growers in the future. Find out more at

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