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Arthur Middleton:
amiddleton (at)
(510) 664-7730
Office Location:
4 Mulford Hall
University of California, Berkeley
Mailing address:
130 Mulford Hall #3114
Berkeley, CA 94720
Prospective students and postdoctoral researchers

We appreciate prospective graduate students’ interest in our lab. We want you to know that the Middleton lab welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, and is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work and anti-racism in our field. Please see our Home page for our full statement on diversity.

Students who work with us pursue the Ph.D. or the M.S. in Rangeland and Wildlife Management. If you would like to inquire about graduate study in our lab, please send Arthur Middleton a brief e-mail explaining relevant background, your reasons for pursuing a graduate degree, why you are interested in our lab, and what topics or projects you are most interested in. Please include your CV or resume, the names of at least three references, and test scores if you have them. You may contact Arthur any time of year about potential graduate study, but the best time is in the late summer and fall – while still allowing at least several weeks before the application deadline. Unfortunately, due to a need to support current lab members and students and a high e-mail volume, it is not always possible to provide a timely or adequate response.

In considering prospective Ph.D. students, we will look for evidence of great academic performance and analytic skills; significant work and research experience since college; evidence that you stick with projects and other commitments from start to finish; strong critical thinking and writing skills; respect for diverse perspectives; creativity; and a positive, team-oriented attitude. We are best equipped to support students in the systems where we already work, but we are not wedded to those. In a challenging funding landscape as we presently face, it is always valuable when applicants have considered additional outside funding opportunities (e.g., NSF GRFP, USDA, or other types of funding).

From time to time we also have opportunities for postdoctoral research, undergraduate projects, and other forms of research assistance. You are welcome to contact Arthur or other lab members to inquire about such opportunities. Note that generally, we will post jobs on U.C. Berkeley, Wildlife Society, Ecological Society of American, and/or Society for Conservation Biology job sites.

Thank you for your interest in our work!