About the CNR Undergraduate PAL Program

The Peer Advising Leadership (PAL) Program of CNR strives to offer personal viewpoints and experiences to current and prospective CNR students. These students are trained in understanding CNR and University requirements, policies, and procedures, and they help with CNR recruitment and enrichment programs. Their work is integral to the success of their fellow CNR undergraduates.

If you wish to contact a peer advisor, visit the Student Resource Center at 260 Mulford, or send an email.

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Upcoming International Student "Thanksgiving" Picnic

Tuesday, November 24th | 12-2pm | Memorial Glade (look for the sign!)

As it is the day before the Thanksgiving Holiday, the CNR Peer Advisors are having a social event!  Come to the Memorial Glade on November 24th, from 12-2, to enjoy some sunshine and a space to share your experiences on what it is like to be an international student in CNR.  There will also be some tips and tricks for the Bay Area revealed.  Bring your lunch and some snacks to share.  Cookies will be provided.  We will have a sign, so look for our sign and come join us!  All International CNR students or any CNR student who wants to share their local knowledge are welcome!  We are looking forward to seeing you and hanging out!

Interested in Becoming a CNR PAL?

Are you passionate about your major and CNR?  Do you want to help students find their path and build community within CNR? If you replied yes, apply to become a peer advisor for CNR! It’s a great opportunity to  work with staff advisors and learn about the different majors and departments.  We are looking for new peer advisors for the 2016-2017 academic year. All CNR students are welcome to apply.   Applications are closed until Spring 2016.



2015-2016 PALs


Caryn Yip

Society and Environment


Elynn Hagelshaw

Forestry and Natural Resources


Jonathan Nolasco

Microbial Biology


Kristen Chinn

Conservation and Resource Studies


Spencer Liem

Microbial Biology


Ben Rushakoff

Forestry and Natural Resources

Environmental Economics and Policy

Sophia Lemmo

Forestry and Natural Resources


Hailey Zhou

Nutritional Sciences


Kristin Cheng

Nutritional Sciences - Dietetics


Alani Worden

Forestry and Natural  Resources


Monica Sadhu

Molecular Environmental Biology



Benjamin McLaughlin

Environmental Economics and Policy


Jonathan Reader

Environmental Sciences



Jennifer Chang

Nutritional Sciences - Physiology & Metabolism




For more information, talk with current peer advisors during drop-in hours or email us at cnrpal@gmail.com