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Name: Christopher Lau
Year: Senior
Major: Molecular Environmental Biology
Favorite Classes: ESPM 144, MCB137, IB160

What you love about CNR: I love how my major adviser knows who I am, and that I can always run into the student lounge in between classes and catch up on work.

Interests/Activities: Drawing, listening and creating obnoxious electronic music, volunteering at the Suitcase Clinic, research

Getting accepted into CNR at UC Berkeley has been a windfall for me. I initially arrived at Berkeley as a molecular environmental biology major not knowing what to expect. I remembered on my college application, for my major, I just checked off a biology major with the most number of syllables because I thought it'd look cool on my diploma. I had very little heading in what I wanted to do except that I am interested biology.

Berkeley was very daunting at first because of the size of its campus. However, I saw this as an opportunity to to explore different fields and develop both intellectually and personally. CNR eased the transition by creating an environment I could feel connected to and where I could create close relationships with my advisors.

MEB is an excellent major because it grants me so much versatility in what I want to study. Because biology is such a enormous area of study, it is difficult for me to find a specific field to pursue. For example, ESPM 144 Insect Physiology turned out to be one of the most interesting and enjoyable classes that I have taken, and if it was not for the MEB curriculum, I probably would have never taken this class.

I was also very fortunate to get into research early at Berkeley and am currently working at a psychology lab through the URAP program. Through research, not only am I able to participate study a field that is different from my major, but I discovered a lot about both the research process and my work ethic. I find research particularily enjoyable and am currently a URAP advisor, so feel free to ask me for any sort of advice or pointers for applying or conducting research here at Berkeley.

While I am not cramming for midterms or pulling an all nighter to finish an essay, chances are that I am probably busy being sidetracked by many of my hobbies. I am very passionate about art as I have been drawing since Kindergarten. I also very interested in music in both performance and production. I play both the piano and cello, and I do some mixing and mastering of tracks.

I love to meet new people and talk about school, classes, research, or anything in general. I am a person who gets interested in pretty much anything!

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