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Name: Kristine Cabugao
Year: 3rd Year
Major: Molecular Environmental Biology
Favorite Classes: ESPM 111 · ESPM 60 · ESPM 118 · ESPM 108A · Chem 3A
What I love about CNR: I love the people. Hands down, this college has some of the most passionate, dedicated, aware people of the entire campus. It's inspiring to be around so many people who truly care about this world and who are looking at how they can make a difference using what they learn here.
Interests: Trees (haha, really any environmental topic), photography, ANY science topic, languages, books, writing, fitness, and Betta splendens (mine is named Dexter).

Hey everybody! My name is Kristine Cabugao. Part of why I joined this program is because I truly believe that there's at least one something that everyone can contribute to the world. What form that takes is entirely specific to the individual and honestly that's what makes everything so much more fun. For me, I chose Molecular Environmental Biology and the P.A.L program as some of what will be my contributions. Figuring out what to do, what to make of yourself is probably the most challenging questions you could ever ask of yourself, but I bet it's one of the ones most worthy of answering. I got lucky, because when I chose Molecular Environmental Biology it was just a matter of what made me feel 'right'. I'm not quite sure if there's another way to decide really. I wanted to help the environment. Biology, whether molecular or not would help me ?understand the environment, ergo, Molecular Environmental Biology. Granted, I realize it might not always be so simple, that solidifying what it is I'm going to be and do and have will probably have u-turns, and back tracks, and dead ends, but that's the only way to really know you're supposed to be somewhere, is just to try until everything feels like it's in place.

The Peer Advising Program is something I identify with because to me, it's a way of answering questions that are so important to having some kind of peace of mind. My first year and even sometimes now as a sophomore, there was always this fear that I'm missing information or that things are out of control with regards to what next semester will be much uncertainty. As a Peer Advisor, my job is to ease a bit of that burden. What's in it for me you ask? A contribution, because the sooner you find out what you're supposed to be doing, the sooner the world can be better off for it.

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