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Hello there! My name is Liz Dow and I am a fourth year student pursuing a major in Environmental Sciences and a minor in City and Regional Planning. I love my major because I believe it gives me a diverse background in the skills that I will need to tackle environmental problems. Preserving a healthy environment for future generations is extremely important to me, and I hope to do so through environmental planning, education, or activism once I graduate.

I transferred from L&S into CNR the spring of my sophomore year and haven't looked back since. I chose to do this because CNR's small college atmosphere is a place where where I can get attention from advisers and be around like-minded people. I hope that by being a PAL, I can get to know my fellow peers, share my experiences, and help people on their journey through Cal.

When I am not in class you can usually find me playing the saxophone in the Cal Band, doing research on campus, or outside hiking and enjoying the great outdoors. I love talking to people, and I look forward to seeing you at my office hours!

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