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Hey there! My name is Alex Lau, and I am a graduating senior majoring in Nutritional Sciences-Physiology and Metabolism. I transferred into CNR during my sophomore year after finding out about the NS major, which has turned out to be a great fit for me-it combines clinical and basic science with a public health perspective. I am currently applying to MD/PhD programs and am just about finished with the admissions process, so feel free to ask me about med school, grad school, or anything in between.

As a freshman, I was drawn to CNR by the personal attention it provides to students, creating a small college atmosphere within the larger and sometimes overwhelming university. I was especially impressed by professors who knew me by name after just several office hours, the abundance of biological research, and the one-on-one faculty advising that far exceeded what was offered by other departments. My goal as a peer advisor is to help promote the unique virtues of CNR and to learn more about the inner workings of this unique college.

In addition to research and advising, I am involved in the Special Needs Aquatic Program at Berkeley High, Med Cluster, and The Daily Californian as a shameless columnist. During my free time, I enjoy swimming, eating food, writing about food, reading loads of fiction, and driving not-so-clean gas powered cars. Writing's also one of my top faves, so I'm workin' on an English minor. Feel free to drop by PAL office hours right outside of the CNR Resource Center to talk about college, courses, or any thought provoking topics about student life.

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