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Name: Amelia Appell
Year: Fourth Year
Major: Society and Environment

Hello! My name is Amelia Appell and I am a Senior majoring in Society and Environment. Come hangout with me in office hours. Growing up near Berkeley, I never thought I would actually attend CAL. After debating between schools, I finally decided that I would rather stay closer to home and attend CNR. They offered a small school setting within the larger campus of UC Berkeley. My high school was super small so transitioning to such a huge school as a freshman proved difficult. CNR eased the transition by creating an environment I could feel connected to and where I could create close relationships with my advisors and other students.

As a Society and Environment major, I have taken lots of different courses in all different departments on campus. After taking Development Studies C10, I realized I was interested in international development. I am interested in the intersection between humans and the environment, particularly looking at international development and resource use. I would be happy to answer any question in regards to choosing a major and how to explore your interests as an undeclared student!

Outside of school, I play for the CAL women's club soccer team. I have also played IM's and pickup soccer. I love to explore around the Bay Area and try new restaurants! If you are new to Berkeley, come to my office hours and I may have some ideas for cool places to go! If you have any questions, or just want to stop by and chat, come talk to me! I love to meet new people and would love to share any information I have about succeeding at Berkeley with you.

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