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Name: Elodie Tong-Lin ("Melody" without the "M"!)
Year: Fourth Year/ Senior
Major: Molecular Toxicology
Favorite Activities: Photography, Art, Cooking, Community Service & Fellowship through Cal Rotaract, Exercising at the RSF, Having New Experiences, Meeting New People

From the first day I came to visit UC Berkeley, I knew that Berkeley was "the one." The one university that I wanted to attend, that is. The thing about Berkeley is that it is unique and so rich in history. I can't begin counting the ways that it differed from what I was used to at home. From the moment I stepped onto campus, I noticed the rich diversity of plants and trees, the different architecture of the buildings, and, most of all, that Berkeley is brimming with life! By the end of my first day here, I was convinced. I chose Berkeley.

It was at Berkeley that I began to explore my independence and started to challenge myself. Berkeley, however, is really big, and it is easy to get lost in the myriad of clubs, majors, classes, and opportunities. In the time that I've spent here, I've learned a lot about myself and about what I wanted to do mostly by trial and error, and it is my hope that, as a Peer Advisor, I can help others find what they want to do, help them take advantages of the resources they have available to them, and help them make good decisions. My advice to all new CNR students is to remain open-minded and to plan ahead. If you make a mistake, don't let it bring you down and work harder!

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