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Name: Ashley Fortenberry
Major: Nutritional Science -- Dietetics
Favorite Class: Education 190 and NST 103 (walks students through digestion and how nutrients get used by the body)

Why I want to be a PAL: FOR YOU and YOU and YOU! It is quite normal for students entering their first year at Cal to face a bit of apprehension and anxiety. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FACE IT ALONE. Why do so when you can come speak to a PAL and find that there are other people who are dealing with similar circumstances?

I started at Berkeley in the Fall of 2008, and was always interested in practicing as a Registered Dietitian. Yes, this entails lower division requirements of Chemistry 1A, Chemistry 3A, 3B, Biology 1A, MCB 32, and so on. All of which I will say -- definitely enhanced the depth of my knowledge as regards nutrition. Initially I refused to take these classes and had tried to weasel my way out of it anyway I could. I never thought I'd say this: I'M GLAD I DID TAKE THEM. I learned a great deal, hence if there is ANY TYPE of class that stands as a barrier between YOU and YOUR GOALS, tackle it and face it head on. If I could get through it -- AND ENJOY IT, YOU CAN TOO.

I truly enjoy great company, interaction with decent people, eating, and new experiences. I'm looking forward to this year being one of those great experiences for you and I. Let's make the best of it; really that is the heart of what we can do. Life will throw several nuances and challenges your way, and that is OK. We take them as they come, make do with what we have, and prepare for the next curve-ball that rolls our way. I look forward to meeting you soon, and please remember: YOU WILL CERTAINLY REAP IF YOU DO NOT TIRE OUT.

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