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Name: Carol Man
Year: Senior
Major: Nutritional Science Physiology and Metabolism
Favorite Activities: OASES (Oakland After School Educational Services), Volunteer at Highland Hospital, Photowalk Club, Photography, Turbo Kickboxing and Hip Hop Cardio at the RSF, EATING!!!

My decision to go to Berkeley was a bit of a surprise to my family/friends, and most of all myself. I applied to Berkeley during senior year of high school as a joke, knowing that I would never get into such an amazing school. Even after the shock of getting in, I knew I would never be able to handle the fast pace curriculum since everyone in Berkeley was a genius while I had to work hard for my grades, so attending Berkeley was still out of the question. But fate took over, and my mom forced me to go to Berkeley's Cal Day since she wanted me to be sure of my decision. So off we went on a road trip up to norcal. After listening to the Chancellor's speech in the beautiful Haas Pavilion at the start of Cal Day, I just knew that Berkeley was right for me. He is one convincing man and made me feel extremely proud to be one of the students admitted into such an amazing school.

I wish I could say that my story ended happily ever after once I decided to go to Berkeley, but that is not the case. I had a very hard time adjusting to life in Berkeley for my first year and a half of college. I was extremely homesick, did not feel like I had a place in Berkeley and couldn't decide what to choose as my major. I had always thought that something was wrong with me since all my other friends adjusted very well and were having a blast in college. After that period of struggle, I learned a lot about myself and grew as an individual. I realized that I just took a little bit longer than most people to adjust to my new life in Berkeley. I found a great group of friends after joining OASES, realized my love for Nutritional Sciences which led to my declaration of them major, and finally felt like Berkeley was my second home. Now as a senior, I'm having a blast at Berkeley and I don't think I've ever been happier. I love all the classes I'm taking and all the activities I'm involved in. I have absolutely no regrets about choosing to come to Berkeley because it really has changed me for the better, making me a more confident and independent individual.

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