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Name: Crystal Sun
Year: 4th Year
Major: Environmental Science
Favorite Classes: Geography C188, PMB 160, ERG 102
Activities: Piano, tennis, basketball, eating and cooking

Hi! My name is Crystal Sun and I'm a senior in Environmental Science major with a minor in Energy and Resources. I became interested in environmental science in high school and knew one of my career goals would be to somehow 'save the world.' CNR is the perfect place to acquire the tools and knowledge to accomplish this goal. When I was accepted into CNR, I did not realize how intimate the community and faculty-student interactions would be. This aspect of the college sets it apart from the rest of the university, and I am eager to become more involved with it by being a PAL.

Outside of academics, I love to play sports (basketball, tennis, wushu) and eating and making food. I am so glad to be at Berkeley where I can concentrate on my studies, but still be able to do all the things I love. As a peer advisor, I hope to not only give advice on all things academic, but also other aspects of college life. Hope to see everyone around!

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