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Hello! I'm a senior in Conservation and Resource Studies and my Area of Interest is Environmental Pollution and Human Health. I've been involved in various environmental justice projects around the Bay Area and hope to continue my education later on in the environmental health field. Last summer I had the wonderful opportunity to do an internship for the Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics (AOEC) and worked with the Labor and Occupational Health Program (LOHP) of UC Berkeley in collaboration with UNITE HERE.

I've also been involved in a cappella, intramural basketball, and was a former CalSO counselor in 2006.

I'm not sure what I'm doing after college. Everything is still up in the air. Maybe a job. Maybe volunteering. Maybe some traveling. Perhaps all three. I'm definitely interested in pursuing graduate education later on. For now I'm interested in taking a break after I graduate.

Classes I recommend at Cal:
Lower division
ESPM 10 - Environmental Issues
ESPM 11 - Americans and Global Forests
EPS 3 - The Water Planet
Upper Division
ESPM 167 - Environmental Health and Development
ESPM 102D - Resource and Environmental Policy
ESPM 163AC - Environmental Justice
ESPM C180 - Air Pollution
IB 117 - Medical Ethnobotany
Pub. Health 150A - Epidemiology
GEO 130 - Natural Resources and Populations
Poli Sci. 179 - Colloquium on Political Science

This semester I am taking GEOG 143 - Global Change and Biogeochemistry, IB 152 - Environmental Toxicology, ESPM 194 - Senior Seminar in Conservation and Resource Studies, and just started research in Dr. Rob Rhew's trace gas biogeochemistry lab in the Geography Dept.

My peer advising office hours: Monday 10am-12pm. Stop by if you want to chat!

Good luck this semester!

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